Day 5: Genki :D

This morning I went to the gym then met up with a bunch of the blogging girls for lunch.  We went to the food court at Southpark so kept it nice and healthy.  Good to catch up with people and meet some bloggers I’d never met before. 

On the way back to the train I stopped at the market for some cupcakes (thanks Jadey for putting the idea in my head…lolz).  OMG too awesome.  I think I’ll be back for more.

Job interview then work tomorrow then no more work until Thursday – yahs!

I’ve made up a schedule/star chart for the week.  My goals are

  • 10 mins yoga a day (I figure that’s more realistic and helpful than trying to get to a yoga class because I never end up going anyway)
  • follow exercise plan – this isn’t really a weak point but I figured I’d chuck it in there anyway
  • Track food
  • 30 mins of Japanese study a day.

Keeping it simple and realistic. 

When I started planning to go overseas, I decided to reward myself for every 5 kgs lost.  Since then I put on  2-3 kgs.  Now the big question is – do I reward myself when I lose 5 kgs from my highest weight or 5 kgs from my start weight? 

5 responses to “Day 5: Genki :D

  1. Hi Kathryn,
    good to meet you yesterday; hope the interview went well! What ‘poses” are you doing in your 10 mins of yoga??? I never seem to make it to my yoga class either :0)

  2. I’ll second Cat, it was lovely to meet you Kathryn and hang out in the naughty corner! I’m very excited reading about your Japan trip – what an adventure. I’m very inspired reading about you getting in to running, big thumbs up from me. Hope to catch up with you again soon.

  3. I’d say when you lose 5kgs from your current weight, more frequent rewards will be a bigger incentive to do well 🙂

  4. Start rewarding now! Those first few kilos are just the run up to the rest of the kilos.

  5. Your reward will be Japan! Good goals hon 🙂

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