Day 5 of 134: Run

Yesterday wasn’t so great.  The only exercise I got was working to work since I had to meet my sisters to go to the footy after work.  A few too many treats at the football too.

Today I’m planning on going out for a run, maybe this arvo when it warms up a bit 😀

In between trips away and being sick and other stuff, it’s been over 6 weeks since I’ve had a free weekend.  I can actually get this mess around me into some kind of order!


4 responses to “Day 5 of 134: Run

  1. Me too, my house is a dumping zone at the moment. I’ve been sitting here at the computer for way too long and now I must go and do something constructive. Have a great day. The weather is awesome here today.

  2. It is amazing how things “gang up” on you and take away that really “free” time we all need isn’t it. Hope the run eventuates – hope it warms up a bit too!

  3. I think the main thing is that your being conscious of everything you’re doing and working with it. Cheers to the weekend!

  4. its great when you start to feel better…ut then you relaise how much stuff you have to catch up on

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