Day 2 of 133: Exercise bikes – not just for airing laundry!

I’d planned to go for a run with Simon tonight but he’s sickly so didn’t want to go if it was raining.  Then I planned to go to the gym and use the treadie but I had to get straight home to sort out stuff about a potential job.  Walking home from the train, I remembered that big, hulking thing covered with clothes in the corner of my room: the exercise bike (the one I hired then tried to send back months ago and they still haven’t picked up!).

So tonight I did a circuit thing since I won’t get a chance to go to the gym until at least Saturday – 1o mins bike intervals + some bodyweight exercises X 3.  I’m sure it did lots of good cos it felt tough!

My sis shouted me dinner so I had a steak.  I don’t often have steak but this was superb, it had a raspberry balsamic sauce on it mmmmm!

In other news, we’ve found out our fave J-Pop band could be playing in Korea while we are in Japan.  I think that’s a sign that we should go.  We checked out Tokyo-Seoul airfares and they were more than the flights to Japan!  But we can go on the hydrofoil!  And that means heading through Hiroshima and other interesting places (since we are buying a JR pass anyway, we may as well use it).  I do love an epic quest.  The only problem now is buying tickets to an overseas concert in a foreign language.


4 responses to “Day 2 of 133: Exercise bikes – not just for airing laundry!

  1. Hiroshima is great, you HAVE to go there – and so is Korea (watch out, the Korea trip could suck up your whole holiday).

  2. Where abouts in Japan will you be? Depending on where you are you could get a ferry to Korea. That might (?) be cheaper…

    Be careful with the JR. Cheaper yes, but it’s slower and less frequent than kintetsu. If you plan stuff out first it shouldn;t be a problem though.

  3. I do that too at home – a little circuit with cardio-bursts on the exercise bike. I’m not a huge fan of the stationary bike, but when there is no other option – waddya gunna do ?

  4. Scott who blogs at lives in Japan and I am sure he would help out- and tell you where to run!

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