Transformation: day 2 of 133 – disaster strikes!

It’s hard to keep to the “make every day count” motto when you get another bloody migraine!  No exercise today. 

We had a morning tea at work and I had a slice of very delicious carrot cake then went back to my desk to avoid the gloopy, rich looking mud cake on offer.  That’s a small victory.  Plus I made a yummy omelette for dinner.

Arrgghh, I dunno what’s going with my laptop but the cursor seems to bounce to random spots on the screen!

Anyway, my food plan for the next 132 days revolves around 2 mottos:

1. You can’t out train a bad diet. 

I can’t remember where I read this but it really stuck with me because its something I’m woefully And it works fine for a while – I can eat heaps and do insane amounts of cardio to keep my weight in check – but then injury or illness or other disasters come along and I still eat the same huge amounts without burning it off. 

2. Eat less but enjoy the foods you eat.

I got this from the Eat Stop Eat web site (an interesting read but not sure about the fasting side of things… ).  This really resonates with me because that’s how I started losing weight in the first place – kept eating the food I really, really enjoyed but cut out all the crap I ate for the sake of eating.  You can get all scientific and complicated about weight loss but I know that’s what works for me.

Finally, tracking – I know I need to do but I’m so slack about it lately.  I guess eating less means less data entry and that’s always a good thing!


One response to “Transformation: day 2 of 133 – disaster strikes!

  1. Does your laptop have a “touchpad” as well as a “pointing stick” built into the keyboard. I use the “pointing stick” and found that even though I wasn’t touching it, I had to disable the touchpad cause just moving my hand over it was causing the mouse to jump around.

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