I need some advice/info:

My sis and I had a great plan for our flight to Japan – loading the ipods up with videos to watch on the way.  The only flaw in this is that the battery doesn’t last too long with video.  Is there anyway of adding another power source (or using a socket recharger on the plane – do they have outlets in the bathroom for shavers etc?)

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  1. Bring along a laptop?

  2. I am so writing YOU CAN’T OUT-TRAIN A BAD DIET on my fridge.

  3. see if you can find out what plane you’re actually on – when i flew with singapore i was able to work out i was on a 747-F or something and look on their site and see what features the different types of plane i was catching. the newer ones have power supplies, so hopefully yours will too!

  4. When I went to Italy last year the in-flight movies were tops and they were more up to date than what you get at video easy. They also had plenty of TV shows including Absolutely Fabulous. It was an episode I hadn’t seen before and I was nearly crying with laughter.
    You shouldn’t need to load up your i-pod with videos at all but take the i-pod for the music it can help pass the time when the movies start to bore you.

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