Transformation – Day 1 of 133

I actually have a countdown to Japan thingo on my desktop so I didn’t have to calculate the number of days myself, thank goodness.  My motto for this transformation is “make every day count!” so having a daily counter really helps.

What did I do to make today count?  Well for starters, I walked to work.  Then I didn’t overeat at work not even when I was really, really bored (the project this week isn’t exactly challenging but it’s $$$ in the bank).  After work I went to the gym for the first time since I got sick and did 20 mins of cardio then a scaled back version of my weights program, figuring it was better to do something rather than push it too hard and get injured.

I’d forgotten how much that weights program kicks my arse.  It’s a really high energy circuit with lots of pulse racing stuff so good for an all over workout.  I really want to make a commitment to getting to the gym and doing weights 3 times a week.  Or twice a week with a kettlebell class thrown in to mix it up.

Cardiowise, I’ve been thinking for a while about doing the Melb half.  Well today I realised I really don’t want to do it.  I’ve felt like I *should* but my heart’s not in it.  The thought of doing 2 hour plus long runs bores me to tears.  And, since I PUT ON weight when I did my half marathon training last year, I dunno if it’s the best solution.  At the moment, I just want to run for fun and adding all kinds of “shoulds” into that just sucks the joy out of it.  So there will be running at least 3-4 times a week, and real running not just a plod around the same old block hardly breaking a sweat either.

I also want to keep doing my boxing class.  I heart boxing so much.  And fit in a yoga class once a week (or do some at home). 

On top of that, maximum incidental exercise!  Oh yeah.


6 responses to “Transformation – Day 1 of 133

  1. Funny, I just figured out I’ve been living by Should, the last few months.
    Made a huge difference to my energy level by taking out should, and substituting I Need instead. (Strangely, that brought back joy into some things I thought I Should be doing.)

  2. I am really pleased you’ve decided not to do the MMhalf – not that I wouldn’t love to see you there, but as you say, sucking the joy out of exercise misses the point, doesn’t it? Good on you!!

  3. Sounds like the 133 day transformation got off to a great start! Keep it up!

  4. You can stand with me on Fitzroy Street and shout at runners like I did last year- BYO pom poms and cow bells!

  5. yep running for fun sounds like a heaps better plan 🙂

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