Still felt a bit migrainey this morning but since it was my first day of a one week contract, I could hardly call in sick.  I took some painkillers and that seemed to keep it under control, just a bit hard focusing at times (but then that’s nothing new for me at work).  It’s a pretty simple job so no real issues.

One good point – prolly the one one – about migraines is that it total suppresses my appetite, unlike most kinds of illness.  Yesterday I had trouble even swallowing water to take tablets.  I did have some food when I felt better last night and a couple of litres of water, figuring getting dehydrated wouldn’t help matters any.

All this illness hasn’t helped with my new plan.  Thinking about the upcoming Japan trip, I still have just under 19 weeks.  My goal has been to lose weight but I think this isn’t enough.  I don’t want to just lose weight I want to…


Oh yeah.  I think I can do it.  I mean people go through transformations with 12 week challenges and I have a whole 19 weeks.  The plan is

  1. strip fat
  2. build muscle

Okay, I’ve not got much further in my thinking than that.  If I knew what I was doing workwise for the next 19 weeks, I’d get a personal trainer but I don’t have money to go wasting so I’m going to do it myself.  Stay tuned for more exciting news about this plan (when I think of it).  I guess this means I should go to the gym tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m going to try to get some sleep now even though my annoying neighbour is playing her music LOUD.  Why is it that people only play loud music when they have shit music taste?


Oh, I almost forgot to mention the really whacky thing that happened today!  You are not going to believe this.  A while back, when I wasn’t working, I got behind on some payments to the bank.  Of course they charged me late fees.  Well today I got a letter from them saying since I’ve been sticking to my payment plan real good, they could reverse the late fees and accumulated interest on them!  OMG, since when does a bank do that?

It was the Comm bank in case you’re wondering.  I’m mighty happy and a bit perplexed.

ps. just phoned the police about the neighbour!  It’s 11.30 and the music’s just getting louder.  Just after I phoned them, someone went out and told her to turn it down and just copped an earful of abuse for their trouble.


8 responses to “Betterer…

  1. The noisy neighbour from hell won’t help with your migraine problems!

    Here in the UK we have Environmental Noise Nuisance teams who are supposed to deal with disturbances beyond 10pm at night, with powers to confiscate music equipment etc.

    Well, all in theory, on the one occasion I actually used them (a few years back) they said that they did not usually visit on the “first” occasion (the first offence) as they like to play things “softly”. So they sent my neighbours a LETTER asking them to be more considerate ….. of course it didn’t take long for the neighbour to work out who had snitched and complained, but it did actually have the desired effect because the neighbours then realised that I *would* stand up for myself and that I *would* be willing to report them again on a future occasion.

  2. I like your plan although I think it needs a few more details. 🙂

  3. Glad that you are feeling betterer.. and I am also glad that I am not the only person that uses the word betterer…

    Keep us posted with your plan!

  4. Cool news on the refund!
    I like your plan, what are you going to transform into?

  5. 19 weeks is heaps of time to transform your body!! You can so go for this!

  6. So much you can do in 19 weeks.

    Have you looked up Turbulance Training on You Tube? There’s some great workouts there!

    And have you heard of the 100 push up challenge? I’m in for that one!

    Glad the head’s a bit better today 🙂

  7. Bloody Hell, are you sure you don’t bank with the Twilight Zone bank, that is an amazing example of proactive customer service, I am stunned and I work for a bank!

  8. Refund and from the CBA! I can not believe it. Really. I am gobsmacked. They royally screwed me a couple of years ao so I ditched them. Just saw Em’s comment too – she’s works for a bank and is stunned LOL.

    Now loving the idea of “transforming your body”! I am trying to figure out an Operation New York thing myself because I got on the scales today and saw 78kgs! Look forward to seeing more. I’ll be blogging about my stuff too to get me motivated again.

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