Not bothered-ness

I did plan to go to the gym for boxing class after work but couldn’t be fussed.  Normally I’d go anyway but I’m still sick – coughing and sneezing anyways – and it wasn’t the thought of the actual workout that put me off but the whole showering afterwards then being cold and having to get public transport home.  I think for a while I’ll just organise myself to go to the gym before work and avoid all that.

Got a job interview tomorrow – it’s not the job I really wanted but a goodish job anyway. 

Í’ve had a feeling all night I should do something and now I’ve just remembered.  I have to download the drivers for my printer cos I’ve lost the disk and need to get it set up for my laptop so I can print the stuff to get my $100 cash back.  It’s too late now to be bothered so I’ll do it tomorrow.

I also couldn’t be bothered cooking dinner so got stuff delivered.  We have a new place nearby that does a decent and healthish stirfry for cheap and delivers it so I doubt it had too many calories, maybe more oil than I’d use myself though.


4 responses to “Not bothered-ness

  1. This time of year is so hard – you don’t want to go out in the cold, but then you don’t want to go home in the cold either. You could come home smelly, I suppose – you’d be no worse than half the other people on the train I take.
    Good luck with the interview!!

  2. Hope ya get the job, you need the cash for Japan eh? NOt to mention food, rent, power bla bla bla!

  3. We had Noodle Hut recently that was quite okay and looked like it would be reasonably healthy.

    Re the job thing, what sort of work do you do, it is IT type stuff isn’t it? Maybe you could email me a resume – you never no I might have an opening, or might know someone who needs someone.

  4. I don’t think you should exercise if you have lung type of colds because I read it doesn’t do you any good and it slows down your recovery. I am super impressed about ordering healthy takeaway because my fall back position from cooking dinner is fish and chips!

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