Off to Tassie today for the long weekend!  Woohoo!  Actually I’d much prefer to be staying home – every weekend for ages I’ve either been doing stuff or else been sick so life is very unorganised around here – but the holiday’s been booked and paid for so what can I do?

I have no clothes!  I’ve been trying to pack and all my clothes are hideous or not warm enough for a trip to Hobart.  Bugger packing light, when I travel I pack warm.


6 responses to “Tassie

  1. Which part of Tassie you going to?

    I love it and hope to show it to Alaskaboy one of these days. Every trip we try and get there but end up out of time. LOL

    Have a fabulous time.

  2. Sorry I shouldn’t have laughed but when I saw ‘all my clothes are hideous’ it just flashed me back to my own room EVERY MORNING BEFORE WORK
    Travelling light is for people who don’t go outside
    Have a lovely time

  3. Have fun! Are you taking your new lappy with you?

  4. Enjoy your time in Tassie, I hope to get there one day, maybe it will be my trip next year!

  5. hey id so do the mara after about aweek into your trip

    glad youre starting to feel better matey

  6. Enjoy Tassie – packing warm is a good idea!

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