Strange Sensations

When I woke up this morning, I could breath through my nose!  What a strange and happy experience.  I’ve also been coughing up heaps of phlegm — and am way too excited about that.  Still after over a week of hacking and hacking and having nothing to show for my efforts, it’s good to have a result.

I might try some light exercise tomorrow – maybe walking home for work.  I’ve got Friday off work cos we’re flying down to Tassie.  I’d be much more excited about that if was actually going to get paid more than a pittance this week.  Sick leave is the thing I miss most about permanent work.

Only 146 days until I go to Japan, and I’ve put on a kg instead of losing weight!


6 responses to “Strange Sensations

  1. Sounds like you are over the hump with regards to your illness.

  2. Glad to hear you are coming right! So at least you won’t be sniffing and coughing when we have the Blogger meet … thank god! Your Japan trip is looming isn’t it!

  3. Reading blog whilst eating your breakfast is NOT always a good idea!!

  4. Hope your recovery is a speedy one.

  5. Ewwwww WTMI re phlegm (but such a fun word to type, no?)
    are you going to the blogger meet?

  6. I can so relate – there is something very satisfying about coughing up phelgm!

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