Still Sick

I’m Sickie McGerms still.  The worst part is the hacking cough, well actually the insanely painful headache caused by the cough.  I swear I must be bursting veins in my head or something.  It’s like a super intense icecream headache that lasts for about 30 minutes.  I left work at lunchtime on Friday because I couldn’t do any work and, when I got home, the noise from the construction site two doors down nearly killed me.  Life would be so much better if I had a sledgehammer.

I went to the doctor on Friday and he told me that the only thing that suppresses a cough is opium based drugs like Codiene or morphine or heroin!  Yes, my doctor is prescribing smack!

From the depths of my sick bed, I’ve been seriously thinking of doing the half at the Melb Marathon again this year.  I actually have a long term plan – I’m not sure if I’ve posted about this before (prolly not since I’ve had no internet access). 

Because my bozo running partner is leaving me for the UK, we have decided to do a BIG run together: Dublin Marathon 2009.  Since it’s on in October, that’s 18 months to train.  I reckon I can do it. 

Dublin sounds like the perfect marathon for us – I get to go visit them in England and we travel to do a marathon.  Plus it’s a flat course with an 8 hour (I think) cutoff time.  You can actually enter the marathon as a walker so I totally won’t be last.  Also we wanted to a marathon overseas but I figure it’s best to stick to an English speaking country!

So the rough plan atm is to do a half in 6 months (ie Melbourne) then another one in 12 months (maybe GOR since I wimped out this year) then the marathon in 18 months.

Now, the big question is this: do I plan my holiday so the marathon is at the start and I have a nice rest afterwards, the disadvantage being I might be too buggered to actually do anything else or the marathon at the end with the thought of it hanging over me (and therefore limiting my partying)?


8 responses to “Still Sick

  1. Hmm that’s a toughie! One one hand it would be good to get it out the way so you can enjoy your hols, on the other surely Guinness counts as carboloading!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂

  2. How about in the middle? Some time to adjust to time zone, practice in the October weather of UK etc. With time left over after the end to recover and really enjoy yourself?

  3. Oh dear you poor thing – GET WELL SOON!!!!
    and enjoy the smack LOL
    I reckon do it at the start

  4. I reckon do it at the start too- then you won’t have to worry about not doing things because you are tapering or carbing or whatever. I love a grand plan!

  5. I’d say towards the start too, should be right if you’ve trained well, just plan a relaxing few days directly afterwards, eg no long hikes or anything.

  6. Right at the start, then you can relax and enjoy the rest of your holiday. Hope you are feeling better? Don’t want ya sick in 3 weeks time ….. oooooo can’t wait!

  7. Your plans are always so much more fun and exciting than mine. I want your doctor!

    I’m sorry to hear you’re still sick. I hope you’re well enough to be at work tomorrow instead of home listening to the builders.

    Do it at the start! Otherwise you have to think about training and not drinking and stuff like that while you’re on holiday.

  8. Poor munchkin, few things are worse than a persistant cough, I put my back out once with a really bad cough, just to compound my misery.

    Hope you get better soon.

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