Misery City

That’s where I’ve been living.  My laptop died then I got sick, really bad cold.  Arrrggghh!  I was supposed to get my laptop diagnosis on Friday and heard nothing so by Tuesday I rang them, and rang them and rang them until I got an answer.  I’d taken Monday and Tuesday off work and I just wanted to have bed rest, not wait around for phone calls so you can imagine the mood I was in.

Finally got the laptop back and it’s as dead as!  Deader than when I took it in for fixing, I swear.  They reckoned I needed to spend over $1000 on repairs so it’s not worth fixing but somehow the hard drive got all corrupted in the process (it wasn’t before) so now I have NO access to any of my old stuff.  Umm, yeah, should have done those backups.  I’m sure there’s some way of getting it off there but it’ll cost $$$.

So tonight I went to Harvey Norman and got a brand spanking new laptop.  It’s all shiny and pretty.  I like it a lot but it took most of my Japan savings *sob*.   That totally sucks.  And I have no job in 2 weeks.  I’m sure something will come up, but I’m panicking.

Also I’ve been too sick to exercise since Saturday so am cranky as hell.


7 responses to “Misery City


  2. Yup, as you said – computers are evil.

  3. 😮 Harvery Norman way overcharges! Next time go to a computer shop!

  4. That is so crap- can you salary sacrifice it??

  5. I hope you feel better soon and that your new laptop completely rocks!

  6. I think the rules have just changed on salary sacrifice so you’ll probably miss out there.

    Sucks big time that you had to give up your Japan savings.

  7. that is very sad…. and it sucks that you had to use your Japan savings… I hope it all works out for you.

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