My laptop’s died (again).  Taking it in to get fixed today – if I didn’t have so much valuable stuff on there, I’d just buy a new one.  Not sure how long I’ll be offline.

My neck is really sore too.  Sunday night I kept waiting up in agony so I went into the physio first thing Monday.  I’ve done something dodgy to it.  It’s much better now but still not 100%.

9 responses to “Arggghhh!

  1. Oh no!
    to both things
    get well soon

  2. double bummer. Hey, saturday afternoon/eveing is looking more likely for a meet up mate (21st june) so if you can be bothered ? let me know! Becky is also trying to get me up to her’s for a meet too! I have no idea where she lives, except somewhere near Melbourne?

  3. You are so right – computers are evil – except we both make our livings from them I guess.

  4. OMG I hope you took the footy player screensavers off after you “learnt your lesson” from last time this happened!!


  5. I’m so missing my idiet fix. Hope you fix it up soon.

  6. I reckon you should buy yourself an external Hard drive. One of the best purchases I have made and if your laptop crashes then you have everything sitting on your little HD which you can access from anywhere 😛

  7. I agree with Jadey and you can get really cool little Lacie USB hardrives now. Dan bought the Little Lacie recently and it kicks! I’m getting once myself –

  8. yep i am with jadey on the external hard drive thing. I should give you mine since i NEVER have time to get on here anyhow!

  9. was that teh official physio description …dodgy 😉 hope it gets better super quick

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