Apollo Bay

What a great weekend (well apart from the weather).  Went down to Kennett River on Friday night and stopped at the Wye River pub for a counter tea.  I ate far, far too much.  There really was no need for 3 courses!

Got to our cabin and the lovely lady had put on the lights and heater to make it nice for us then settled into an easy night of telly watching.  The cabin was much more spacious and lovely than I expected and, as a extra bonus, we’d booked for 4 people but just Simon and I ended up staying so cost much less.  I’d paid the $100 deposit months ago when we decided to do the run so got money back 😀

Saturday morning we got up and had coffee and breakfast then headed into Apollo Bay.  We got stopped on the road and watched the tail end of the 6.5 km run.  I’m sitting in the car going – oh my god, do I look that slow when I run?  And Simon was like – yeah, of course you do!  Luckily I don’t have to see myself and I can be all speedy in my head.  Then we went for a drive up to the Paradise picnic area to check out the run course – much, much flatter than I’d been expecting 😀

All morning it drizzled.  I’ve never done a fun run where it’s rained but I figured this would be my first.  I put my rain jacket and hoped for the best.

We had an early lunch then picked up our timing chips then settled into our very professional running warm-up – sitting in the pub, betting on the horses!  I loved this run from the start, it was so easy.  We parked outside the pub and had a 5 min walk to the start line so had plenty of time for betting (although we ended up having to dash down the main street to get to the start… damn).

I started off the run feeling crap. Maybe I should have down a better warm up!  I had to take a walk break but then went around the corner and they were filming for local tv so had to start running again.  I figured I’d do 5 mins run, 5 mins walk since I felt so lousy – but got bored with walking so it was more like 2 mins walk, 8 mins run.  Then I started feeling good so just kept running.

I hadn’t got much further when all those fast buggers started passing me on their way back (the course was 14 km – 7 km out and back). I don’t know who the girl was, but she was coming a long way ahead out of the women so I assume she won – I’ve never seen anyone run with such a huge grin on her face.  She was amazing.

Anyway I kept running, getting closer to the turnaround and figured if I started walking, Simon would catch me and give me a huge serve, plus I really felt strong.  When we drove up, we’d seen a hut on the side of the road that was 1.5 km from the turnaround.  I looked at it and thought, I can turn around and get back to this spot and it’s just like a lap of Princes Park!  I took my rain jacket off and tied it around my waist cos I was getting damn hot.

Come back was so easy – all downhill.  I kept running and passing people.  I got to the water station – only 4.5 km to go according to the stewards.  I’d picked up a bottle of water at the turnaround and hadn’t drunk it so I gulped it down at the drink station so I could put the bottle in the bin, not wanting to be a litter bug.  Bad move, cos I got a bit of the way down the road and got a major stitch.  I’ve never had a stitch before so I assume it was from drinking the water too fast.

After that I tried to run as much as possible and then walk out the stitch but it was hard to start going every time I had to stop.

About 1 km from the finish, Simon had come down to meet me.  He’d finished in 71 mins – a huge PB for him!  He took my jacket and I walked a little bit with him then got around a big corner and could see the town, with about 800 metres to go.  I was like, bugger it I’m racing to the end.  I put my ipod headphones back in and took off!

I run my little heart out down the main street, just wanting to get over the line.  Saw Michelle and Jaykay, cheering in the crowd.  When I crossed the line, I didn’t even think of the time, figuring I’d done a really slow race with the walking and having a stitch and all.  They gave me a certificate (at this point I was really befuddled and thought they wanted the timing chip back).

I finished in 96 minutes (I think it was a bit over but we started at the back of the pack so 96 would be around my official time).  That’s a minute or so faster than my best time for 14 km (a bit over 97 mins for the Run for the Kids this year).

And it didn’t rain!

Now I’m thinking if I’d trained hard, warmed up properly etc, I could have down a MUCH better time.

After the run, we caught up with Jaykay and Michelle again and went back to their very luxurious hotel for a shower.  It was the best shower ever.  They rock!

Afterwards, we went back to the pub for dinner and more betting.  I was laughing about us having a day of betting with a bit of a run thrown in.

I woke up this morning thinking some guy was standing outside talking loudly on his mobile phone but it was the loudspeaker guy for the half marathon start.  The half started basically just outside our cabin, which was why we booked it – planning to do the half.

Lots of people came walking through the caravan park, using the toilets and warming up.  Michelle and Jaykay popped in for a morning cuppa and to keep warm before the run started then we walked down to the start line to watch everyone take off.

Once they’d gone, we packed up then headed to the cafe for breakfast and watched the first of the marathon runners go by.  OMG they make it look so easy!  All the local kids came out and run along the road beside them.

After that, we drove home.  I’m not that sore from the run but have had a really stiff neck and shoulders since yesterday.  This arvo, I ended up with a headache and went to bed.  Woke up in so much pain, I had to ring my sister in the next room on my mobile to bring me painkillers!  I think I did something weird when I was lying on the couch watching the footy on Friday night plus lugging all my bags etc on the train.

Other than that, it was a great weekend.  The runs were so well organised and I loved that the shorter runs were on the Saturday so you actually got to go see other people running.  I’ve never done that before because normally you all run at the same time and by the time I’m finished, it’s basically all over.  I did feel a bit disappointed and guilty this morning for not doing the half, but also very happy cos it was SO cold!


7 responses to “Apollo Bay

  1. Well done Kathryn, sounds like a great weekend! I will really have to do the GOR next year!

  2. yep sounds like you had a fantatstic weekend..and it sounds like you ran well too…awesome effort 🙂 and yeah teh girls(jay and mich) they do rock! i was super sorry not to be able to come down

  3. Love Apollo Bay. It’s an ace place to walk so running must be pretty good too.

    What’s with the beating yourself up? “Now I’m thinking if I’d trained hard, warmed up properly etc, I could have down a MUCH better time.” If it rained, you coulda gone slower.

    You did a PB woman! Celebrate a little! LOL

  4. Congratulations! I definitely think you made the right decision about doing the 14km- think about the extra training required for the half!!

  5. Wouldn’t the dash down the main street to the starting line be the warm up?
    I’m with Kada, you did a PB. Go you!!!

  6. That just sounds like such a FUN weekend 🙂

  7. It was great to hang out with you on the weekend, and you were just the best thing to see first thing on a cold Sunday morning, sitting out there in your jammies having a ciggie 😀

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