I won’t be online for the next few days – leaving tomorrow to go to Kennett River then the 14 km run on Saturday and home on Sunday.  The weather forecast is for rain and hail, yippee!

Even though I’m not buying unnecessary things, I ran (not literally) up to KMart tonight and got a new weatherproof running jacket.  It’s unnecessary because I already have one but I really hate it.  It’s icky and stiff and puffy so if it stops raining, it’s hard to tie around my waist and too much to deal with – I’d rather get wet.  The new one is vastly superior being all lovely and purple.  I will run better in a nicer jacket.

It was only $34 so I actually saved many $$$ since I didn’t buy one from somewhere horrendously overpriced like Nike, therefore I’m really a super saver of money.  Plus I’ve already saved $1,000 and that’s just in 2 weeks.  And last week was rent week!  I want to have $2,000 in the bank before my contract ends in 3 weeks time because I figure that is the bare minimum I’ll need in Japan.

As I packed tonight, I remembered the cabin where we are staying doesn’t provide bedding.  I’m going straight to Simon’s from work tomorrow so can hardly lug a doona into the office with me.  Well I could but I’d prolly just curl up under my desk with it.  I thought of taking my bedding over to his place tonight but then realised I needed it to sleep with.  Anyway they are loaning me a doona and stuff so I don’t need to take mine.  Hoorah!

Not much else happening.  I ran home from work tonight.  I’ve figured there is no point timing my runs -since I’m at the mercy of traffic lights and such the difference between a good run time and bad one is out of my hands – so I’ve been trying to make running to and from work into a fartlek session.  At least I get a bit of variety.


6 responses to “Stuff

  1. You so know I had to look that one up. Very interesting. I hope all your runs are fartles!!


  2. Well done on the $$$$ saving. Have you organised any accommodation yet? Don’t let anyone fool you otherwise, Japan (especially out of Tokyo) is a lot cheaper than people make it out to be and our exchange rate is brilliant! You can get Converse for $40 and they’re double the price down here. The 100, 200, 300 yen shops are also fantastic, you can get a lot of really cool things in those (much better than Go Lo). Tokyo can be a little exy but there’s ways around it, like everywhere else.

  3. Well OF COURSE you run better in nicer clothes!
    Have a great time on the weekend 🙂

  4. Have a great run down on the GOR – hope the weather is not too bad on the day!

  5. Hope you’re having a fabulous time!

  6. wow great saving..i think i need some lessons from you 🙂
    have fun next coupla days matey

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