Random daily things

After getting rid of the poo issues, my weight’s gone down a bit!  Still higher than last week but now I have womanly issues.  When I get rid of all these unnecessary waste products from my body, the weight will be looking better!

I ran to work again this morning.  Actually, I’d got up and felt totally unmotivated but could hear my housemate thumping around and really didn’t want to deal with him so chucked on the workout gear and headed out the door instead.  Gruesome housemates are a great motivator – and available for hire, just contact me 😀

I actually managed to not eat too much today at work.  Just need to remember, I don’t have to eat every time I feel like it!

After work, I went to the physio.  He’s decided that my problems are all glute-related.  I thought I’d said that in the first place but then remembered I’d been through it all with the old physio.  She’s gone overseas and he’s the replacement and I just assumed he knew my history.  Anyway he’s said to throw in some intervals and hill training even if it’s just for 5 mins or so.  He also said my glutes were really tight – I’m taking that as a compliment even if it wasn’t meant that way.

Then Andy came over with my mother’s day present – yahs!  Lots of dvds including Footloose (which I’ve never seen), the first season of Six Feet Under (which I’ve also never seen but everyone has been telling me to watch for years) and a Godzilla movie (I told him to buy this cos I need to know what to do in Japan, just in case).  He also bought over some Breadtop treats.  Oops.  Their food is overprocessed and a hundred kinds of bad, but so damn delicious (and cheap).


6 responses to “Random daily things

  1. Waddya mean you don’t have to eat every time you feeel like it? That can’t be true…
    And waddya mean you haven’t seen Footloose? You haven’t lived.
    Tight glutes are the best glutes

  2. Don’t forget to stretch those tight glutes too 🙂

    And what are Breadtop treats? Haven’t’ heard of those before!

  3. Nope, you can keep your hosemate I don’t need him. I reckon teenagers make the crappiest housemates. They eat all your food including your favourite hidden chocolate, trash the house, never clean up after themselves, play hideous music and never pay rent. If they weren’t yours you’d throw them out after a week. lol

  4. Six Feet Under is a good series.

  5. God, I think Debbie has MY kids living with her…. 😀

    Funny, I’ve never seen Footloose either. Can’t stand Kevin Bacon though, so I think I’ll survive.

  6. yeah, I loved 6 feet under for a while, then it got weird! I hope you enjoy your DVD’s… and the bread stuff was yum!

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