Ditzy as…

I think I’m losing my marbles.  I just keep doing ditzy stuff.  Today I left work early to fit in a gym session before Japanese class.  Started getting changed and realised I’d left my runners at work (I’d walked in to work and put them under my desk instead of in the back pack).  Since I didn’t have time to go all the way back and get them and still do the workout, I gave the gym a miss.

I actually reckon a lot of my ditziness is due to lack of sleep.  I’d just gotten used to the possums thumping around in the roof and the landlord put in insulation.  Now I can’t hear them but I know they’re there and it’s even worse.

This morning I weighed myself and I’m UP over a kilo.  I have had poo issues so it’s not as awful as all that but the scales are supposed to be going down!  I need to stop eating.  I’ve been using calorie king to track my food and I’m getting RSI.


5 responses to “Ditzy as…

  1. Lack of sleep can make you crazy pretty quickly … also good sleep patterns aid weight loss enormously.

  2. I don’t know if I should thank you for making me aware of CK. I’m getting addicted too. I don’t think it is a good thing to become obsessive about every piece of food I shove in my gob.

  3. Sleep issues are no fun. Try having a baby! 😉

  4. Lack of sleep or… too much on your mind/plate? I often find I have trouble remembering stuff when I have got too much going on… and you always seem to have heaps going on!

  5. Lack of sleep is the worst – sounds like you’re pretty busy too. It’s hard to keep up!

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