My day didn’t improve much after this morning.  Simon called me after his run and reckoned I should put on my race number and head in on the train to get my tupperware from the run but I really couldn’t handle the thought of going back into the city. I went for a run on my own though, which was pretty good.

Then I needed to go to my storage space.  I rang Andy to see if he’d be home so he could give me my pressie.  He wasn’t sure if he was going out so I said I’d ring him later to check.  He got all narky and defensive.  I was so very tempted to drop in unannounced just to see what the hell he was up to, but decided against it.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss!

The good part is that I put a heap of crap I had lying around into storage plus got some things I wanted – a couple of Haruki Marakami books I wanted to reread plus some hats.  I’d been looking at ’20s style hat the other day but I’m not buying unnecessary things and remembered I had a similar one in storage (I’ve got two big boxes full of hats!) so I found that.   Then I put the stuff in the car but I lost my car keys.  I’d been sorting stuff in to one box to take home and another to take to Vinnies.  Normally I leave my cars in the keyhole when I’m doing stuff in the back of the car.  That way I don’t lock them in.  But I’d had them in my hand and they’d ended up in a bag of stuff in one of the boxes.  I guess I’m lucky I didn’t actually shut the car before realising.

Got home and figured the day wasn’t going so great so had a nap!  Finished up the day with a trip to Borders where the cafe dude told me I look like Dave Hughes!  WTF… that is so not something I want to hear.


4 responses to “Blah

  1. Well if it’s any consolation I had a crap day too – we missed J and L walking by, then we had to hang around for ages waiting for J’s friends even though Mum & I were freezing and tired, and I was the villain for not being delighted at being put last on the priority list. J gave me a Bundy bear stubby holder. If I’d thought he’d put the slightest effort into picking it I wouldn’t be so livid and now he’s cracked the shits with me for not being thrilled. Fuck I’m sick of only children.
    You can have my Tupperware if you like

  2. I think the cafe dude might need to lay off the vanilla mochochino or whatever he was snorting. Hope Andy got you something cool.

  3. Oh, a trip to Borders always cheers me up, but I can see how that comment would have taken the gloss off. I’m sure the steam from the coffee machine must have affected his eyes (or brain).

  4. Fancy telling a women she looks like a dude, what a prick!

    That is worse than people telling my brother he looks like Ricky Gervais (which I think is kinda funny)

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