Well I was supposed to do the Mother’s Day run this morning but it just didn’t work out.  Firstly, I slept in and missed my tram (why the hell do they organise these events for before the trains start running?  The only transport option I had was to catch the very first tram at some ungodly hour) so I figured I’d drive instead.  I chucked my clothes on then grabbed the race pack out of my bag so I could put my timing chip on my shoe.

Got to the Tan and half the roads were closed for the run so I drove around looking for a park, freaking out because it was getting late.   I found some parking but thought it was too far away and i’d not get to the start line on time – big, big mistake!  Kept driving and because of the closed roads, ended up on St Kilda Rd and forced into the city.  I hadn’t even thought about road closures or where to park cos I’d planned on catching the tram.

Sitting in traffic, I figured I might as well put my race number and be ready.  I searched through my bag.  No envelope.  Yikes!  Then I realised, I’d sat it on my bed when I got my chip out… and it was still there.

I figured I could park in Fed Square car park.  Now remember, I NEVER drive into the city – why the hell would I do that since it takes 10-20 mins on the train, so I know nothing about parking.  It took forever to get into Fed Square then got around to a corner and realised I wasn’t go into the car park but still in a line of about 20 cars trying to get in there… and it was moving very, very slow.

By this stage, I was nearly in tears with frustration.  I’d well and truly missed the start of my run but thought maybe I could sneak into the 8 km start, well except I didn’t have my number either.  I felt so bad because I’d talked Simon into doing the run and he was there on his own.

I tried to call him but my frigging phone was out of credit.

I figured I should at least park somewhere and take my timing chip back and watch Simon finish but could only find 1 hr meters in the city.  Drove around another 300 city blocks and, other than pay $$$ for some car park, couldn’t park anywhere.

I bashed the steering wheel a lot and said some cuss words then decided to screw it and come home.  I think I’ll go for a run on my own later.


6 responses to “DNS!

  1. I’m really sorry to hear about your transport / parking dilemma. It’s much easier here in Canberra. If worst comes to worst, I can usually get there on my bike.

    Hugs. Hope your next run is so good it makes up for it all.

  2. Bummer Kathryn – I was looking for you. Public transport never runs early on Sundays, makes it very difficult for participants in these things. Roads closed, many car parks closed or not opening till late…..

    It takes all the planning of a major military strike.

  3. The transport gods were conspiring against you- they do that because if you run too much then you will shun their trams and cars and they won’t be able to control your life. They won today, but you will get them back tomorrow.

  4. Bummer – sounds like a most frustrating experience – oh well at least it was a race where the entry fee goes to a good cause !

  5. Mate looks like you should have just stayed in bed! Bummer about missing the run, hope Andrew had a good one.

  6. Oh Kathryn, that sounds like the morning from friggin hell!!

    I ended up deciding to use the Sofitel car park which was a bit of a walk down but I just wouldn’t have been able to stand the stress of it all. Have to say though when I left I was in for a very rude shock as it cost me $16, OUCH!!!!!! It was very plush though 😉

    I would have gladly picked you up, do you have my mobile number??

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