Grade A Moron

That’s me. I can’t log into my netbanking account cos I forgot my account number. I’ve only been using it for about 10 years. I just have issues with logging in from my laptop cos it doesn’t have a number pad! Oh well, I only wanted to pay rent. I can do that Monday from work.

I had a really frustrating day at work yesterday. Why can’t people who write documentation, help files etc for software telling you what you want to know? Heaps of info saying the program does X but nothing on how to do it! Nothing on the net of any help either.

Since I felt so narky, I emailed Simon to see if he wanted to go for a run after work. We organised that I’d run down to Princes Park and meet him at 5.30. After I left work, I realised my phone was completely dead and we’d not actually decided on a meeting spot. We have two spots were we normally meet – either near the playground (if we drive) or near the capital city trail if we run or bike there. So I ran backwards and forwards between those two spots a few times. Didn’t spot him.

Then, because it was a quiet night, I decided to call out his name. It’s a lot harder than you think, to just start randomly yelling out to someone with people around thinking you’re loopy. Still nothing. Then I remembered sometimes we meet around the other side of the park at the start line.

It’d gotten dark so I did a lap then figured if I hadn’t found him, I’d run home (he was supposed to give me a lift; he was also supposed to be there with the car so I could dump my backpack).

It’s amazing how many people look like Simon when they were running in the semi-dark. Of course when most of them got closer, they were girls… ha, ha.

Ended up running home. I went along the running trail, didn’t think until later it would have actually been better to run along the street with street lights etc.

Anyway I got home and phoned him. He’d called me to say he’d got stuck in traffic and wasn’t going to make it! Damn. Still I got in a 11.5 km run (with lots of walk breaks and hanging around breaks).

Go me – we had Tim Tams in the break room at work yesterday and I didn’t even have one! I had lots of other food, I’m eating way too much lately, but no Tim Tams. I’ve realised I don’t actually like Tim Tams that much. I like the concept of Tim Tams but not the reality. To me, TT are associated with girlie bonding… sitting around having D&Ms and all that stuff. It’s funny isn’t it, I’m sure you can buy a pack of them and eat them sensibly but that seems kind of wrong, like part of being a girl is sitting down drowning your sorrow by eating the whole packet. If you don’t do that then somehow you’re betraying the sisterhood or something!

Anyway, apart from the netbanking login, I’m also a grade A moron because today is the only morning I can sleep in (mother’s day run tomorrow) but I woke up at 6.00. That’s plain stupid and I may well go back to bed.


5 responses to “Grade A Moron

  1. Another person up way too early on a Saturday morning. At least I’m getting my blog reading done! Oh, and I promise, I’m only having a quiet chuckle about the account number.

  2. I have forgotten my pin number on numerous occassions… same with me phone number! Dork I am. Well done on the run… even on ya own! Hope ya went back to bed!

  3. Life is just a seies of userids, passwords, pin numbers …. it is all just too hard. I agree about the average value of most Help files too by the most of them are a complete WOFT.

  4. I don’t like Tim Tams at all. They are too chocolatey and even when you stick them in the fridge they tend to melt all over your fingers while you are eating them and get icky. And sucking coffee through a hole in one …blaagh I wouldn’t bother with them even on a girls night in.
    As for a bar of dark chocolate and a bottle of shiraz…..oh yeah!

  5. Good luck for tomorrow. I like the image of you running around calling out Simons name whilst running backwards and forwards between various meeting places- that is gold!

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