I went to boxing class after work – waited around for 5 mins and no one showed up so I put on the gloves and did some work on the bag, thinking that was really strange. A couple of minutes later, the class appeared. They’d been warming up upstairs. Weird – normally they’re late starting so I didn’t turn up until just on time and didn’t realise they did that now (I didn’t go last week).

Anyway, had a decentish boxing session then grabbed my stuff and met Simon and we headed up to the Exhibition Gardens. After a 2 km warmup, we decided to run some intervals (much easier in the bad light than just running – at least we could stick a lit up area).

We run down a path (if you know the gardens then it was from the fountain to the Nicholson & Victoria St intersection – I call it Vic/Nic corner…lolz) then walking back. I wanted to do 8 but Simon, being a big bully, made me do 10. I ran them in around 1 min. He reckoned it was about 250 metres but no way can I run 250 metres in 1 minute. I checked when I got home and it was closer to 200 metres. Still incredibly fast for me – amazing what the fear of possum attacks can do 😀

Oh, it’s actually Carlton Gardens. I’ve always called it Exhibition Gardens since it’s where the Exhibition Centre is. It’s a decent run, being over 2 kms around. Not many places in the city you can run that far without being interrupted by lights.

Anyway, I’m well satisfied with my workout efforts tonight. It totally justifies the two Special K bars I had at work (has anyone else tried them — delicious & not that high in calories, under 200 anyway and you can win a Sherrin!).


Oh I almost forgot to post my rant o’ the day, which is this: if you run a cafe and have say three sizes of takeaway coffee, how about doing something wacky – like calling them small, medium and large?  Yeah, zany concept, huh?  Far too zany for most of the coffee shops around town.  You’ve got to have weirdarsed freaken names for your coffee sizes to be cool it seems.

And even better, if someone asks for a medium because they want the middle sized one, don’t get all shirty because they didn’t ask for large (as opposed to jumbo) or other shite.

And people bitch because they vary the name of beer sizes btw states!

10 responses to “Ouch

  1. I think the beer thing is hilarious! Remember I ordered a schooner and got something that looked like a mini bucket LOL – still good 🙂

  2. I hate the wanky coffee-size-names thing too. I refuse to call them a poncy name and always make a point of asking for small or medium. I also order CHIPS at Macca’s. Uh…that’s for my kids, not me. Honest!

    Vic/Nic corner – cute!

  3. It is the beer sizes that causes me so much trouble interstate- midi, schooner, pony rubbish- give me a beer in a normal sized glass not some never ending bucket of beer that is warm by the time I finish it!

  4. Luckily I don’t drink beer so don’t have that problem.

    However I do drink coffee, but always just ask for a large. I didn’t realise they came anything bigger than that 😯

  5. Yeah – I’ve always thought Pony was the most ridiculous – where does that come from anyway ?

  6. I love it when you work and work and then all of a sudden you get faster! Yay for you!

  7. thats some good running by you.wat to go gf

  8. I hear ya sister, I hear ya.

    Personally anything above a medium should be banned anyhow and mediums are only acceptable if they give you a double shot (free, don’t gouge me an extra 50 cents because I wanna taste the coffee). Those giant ones are just pointless, the other day I was buying my SMALL flat white when some chick ordered a large skinny decaff, gack, why bother??

  9. Ha Ha, I love reading your posts because I recognise all the shops and streets etc that you talk about. I live just off Gertrude st, so everything you talk about seems so familiar!

  10. Oh no kathryn, your age is showing. Sensible names for coffee. Next thing you’ll be wearing sensible shoes!

    Great running btw.

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