Operation: Japan

I’ve got three big goals in the next 6 months (25 weeks/177 days):

  • lose weight
  • learn japanese
  • save money.

so I’ve figured what I need to do is not buy any unnecessary things (ie. anything other than rent, food, etc) except as rewards for hitting -5kg goals.  I think that works well.  And, with all the spare time I have with not spending money, I’ll be able to study my Japanese.  Woohoo!

I went to the gym tonight after work.  My weight circuit involves using kettlebells (I like to call them cowbells).  Normally I use the 8 kg cowbell but tonight there was a kettlebell class on and they’d knicked all the 8 kg weights.  I could have asked for one — I think some people had used them for warmups and left them sitting around — but I hate interrupting a class.  So instead I used the 12kg weight instead.  I’m going to feel that tomorrow.  Hell, I can feel it now.


5 responses to “Operation: Japan

  1. Great goals! And if you need any help with your Nihongo, I can help you with some beginners stuff. I have tonnes of awesome testing sites bookmarked somewhere for grammar, hiragana, katakana and basic kanji.

  2. Good goals – and the lose weight goal should help with the save money goal too!

  3. Congratulations on actually doing something that you really want to.

    I think it takes a lot of guts to do what you’re doing.

    I must give those kettlebells a go. Got a good workout if you’re interested

  4. Great goals – exciting! So what’s the deal with kettlebells, what are they mainly good for?

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