Wacky Running

I had a bit different kind of training run this morning.  The pace went something like this:

1st third (3.5 kms to Princes Park) – full bladder running pace on account of guy’s being in the bathroom putting in insulation batts and not being able to use the toilet pre-run (btw it’s very funny to see a guy nearly fall off a ladder, squealing like a girl, cos you mention possums)

2nd third (lap of PP) – med pace, chatting with Simon.

3rd third (home from PP) – OMG I’m going to be late for my massage appointment pace!

I think I’ll book my ticket to Japan today.  I’ve had reservations about the whole thing.  What if I book now and then don’t get any work for the rest of the year and can’t afford to go?  What if my sis has no money to go?  But seriously, you can worry about these things for ever.  If I have no money, then I can just sleep on a park bench or something…lolz.  I’m sure it’ll all work out.


2 responses to “Wacky Running

  1. Don’t they those little things like drawers that you can sleep in in Japan, they’d be pretty cheap!

  2. lol theres lots of park benches around 🙂

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