I’m going to Japan – 29 Oct to 11 Nov!!!!  Oh yeah.  It’s going to be so awesome.

I’ve just been forums etc about travelling in Japan.  I don’t get this – why would you go to Japan to go to an Irish pub?  Just travel to Ireland, instead.  People are idiots sometimes.

This is my list of things to go before I go to Japan:

  • learn Japanese
  • lose lots and lots of weight – omg, everyone in Japan is tiny.
  • buy JR pass
  • save money
  • find out how to get into the studio audience for wacky Japanese TV shows.

9 responses to “Booked

  1. OOOH i’m spewingly jealous… how cool! the studio audience idea is brilliant…

    (i heard is good for learning Japanese.. i’ve downloaded a bunch last year but still haven;t listened to em)

  2. Woot Woot! How exciting!!!!! Hurrah!!!

  3. Eeeeeee! Exciting!

    Love your ambition to get on a Japanese game show – you’re hilarious.

  4. Congratulations Kathryn. Now, what colour should I wear with green? I’m green with envy!

  5. yay, you decided what you wanted and now it’s happening. I say you live like a total scrooge until October because you don’t want to miss anything while you are over there.

  6. Awesome, I live in Japan right now, where are you visiting?

    You’re lucky the airfares are so cheap! I booked a flight home to visit famiy this summer (I’m from the UK) and the very cheapest I could find was about £750-800 (about $1500).

  7. Wooo Hooo, how awesome!

  8. OMG very, very exciting and very, very cool!! x

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