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  • Was reading the paper yesterday some stupid bint model (maybe actress or something??  who knows!) was reporting as going commando under her fancy dress.  I dunno what makes that news but think that boggled my mind was later in the article she mentioned that she had to leave the tag on the dress cos it’s a loaner – WTF!!!!  I think the only person interested in buy that dress now is this guy.
  • Security screen for cab drivers – I’m all for them.  I think security in cabs goes both ways and I’ve been in cabs with some hella scary drivers.
  • I’m not pro-curfews at city bars though.  What if I want to go for a drink after 2 am?  Drunken louts, they ruin it for everyone.

Anyway, the plan for today is to go for a run then a massage.  This arvo I need to clean up this dump then tonight going to the footy.


2 responses to “News and Views

  1. LOL – that would be Jennifer Hawkins….former Miss Universe…. I heard the ‘commando’ story on the radio and thought “THIS is news??” On the plus side, it must mean that nothing seriously bad was happening in the world yesterday.

    My husband used to be a cab driver. At least 50% of cab passengers are scum. If you do night shift, that increases to about 80%. Abuse you, vomit in your cab, act like complete arses, run off without paying – and those are the GOOD ones. He got beaten up by 5 young drunken blokes one night. Nice people.

    What we need is robot cab drivers – like in Total Recall.

  2. yeah i reckon if i wanna get drunk and go out after 2am(remembering some bars are shut at 3am..where are you supposed to go???????????//

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