Weird Day

I walked to work this morning, thinking I’d left a cardi in my desk drawer so just put on a thick but short sleeved jumper (the one I knitted myself).  Got nearly into the city and the rain started.  By the time I got to Latrobe St and remembered I didn’t have a cardi at all, thought I’d better call into Big W and buy something warm and long sleeved.  Ended up getting a black turtle neck jumper and a long sleeved tee for $30 – woohoo.

Then I called into the shop where my friend works cos I’d left my hat at his place on the weekend and had to pick it up.  Changed into the new jumper plus hat while all his workmates laughed at me.  I think they think I’m crazy — I called in to remind him about the hat wearing my running gear, tee and shorts in the freezing cold!

Arrgghhh, I’ve bitched about slow walking ppl before but there is a sub-set of slow walkers I esp hate.  Those selfish pricks who walk in front of you in the rain, all snug and dry under their brollies while you try to pass them getting soaked.  If you’re going to walk around with a brolly then you could at least get out of my freaken way.  I never carry a brolly cos it’d just tie me down 😀

I left work to go to the gym, thinking I’d worked until 5.30.  Went to the gym and did my workout, showered etc then go to the train station at 6.30.  I couldn’t work out how I’d got through everything so quickly and thought the clocks at Melb Central must be wrong.  Finally worked out I’d been wearing my HRM watch that I’ve not changed from daylight saving time yet!!!! Yikes, instead of leaving half hour late, I’d left work half hour early.  I thought lots of ppl were hainging around late.

I want to book my airfare to Japan NOW.  They are dirt cheap but I don’t have my replacement credit card yet.


2 responses to “Weird Day

  1. Japanese people are the most difficult to deal with … believe me.

  2. My brolly fits in my bag. Never leave home without it 🙂

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