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The plan for today was to run to work then go to boxing class after work. Only I didn’t feel like running this morning. I talked myself out of it by realising that running to work would mean leaving the gym at 7pm with no warm jacket (unless I ran with one in my bag!) so decided to walk into work instead. Then I dicked around until it was too late to do that so ended up catching the train.

Then I didn’t feel like boxing class after work. Sometimes being social is too much for me. So decided to run home instead. It’s very motivational, running home in the freezing cold! Now I have all my stuff at work – scarf, gloves, hat, coat etc so I might run in tomorrow and then go to the gym after work.

I just put my run into MapMyRun and realised why I haven’t seemed to burn many calories running lately – it had my weight at 31 kgs (I almost said “I wish” but then realised that’s like dead skinny, literally). Hopefully I’ve burnt off some of the okonomiyaki I had for lunch!

ETA:  OMG I can’t believe I forgot the most exciting part of my day — I met my sis for lunch and shopping and got ELVIS PYJAMAS!  Oh yeah.


4 responses to “More stuff

  1. If you WERE 31kg and tried to run, you’d probably pass out.

    Just spotted a photo of you on the Phat Camp site and you’re making a really funny face…. LOL. 🙂

  2. that is FREAKY, cos I just used Map My Run for the first time tonight, and tomorrow’s post starts with my new ‘run’ .. well it will be once I get up to Auckland next week!

  3. Oh you gotta post a photo of the Elvis pyjamas.

  4. O.M.G!
    Elvis pyjamas……!
    You rule mate, you really do

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