Blah blah blah

I’m feeling really blah and icky tonight for no real reason.  Maybe because I went to the physio.  Sometimes I feel a bit crap after the physio or a massage.

Why is teenage binge drinking such a big deal at the moment?  It seems to be all over the paper.  Like we haven’t all got shit faced on Stones Green Ginger during our teenage years.  At least they aren’t out taking drugs.

Another thing I don’t understand is dentists.  Like say I have an appointment for a filling for half hour and it costs $100 then I have an appointment for a root canal which takes an hour and it costs $400.  Why does it cost so much more – its the same dentist doing the work and it’s not like there’s extra material costs.

Oh yeah, and I found out last week I’m vitamin D deficient.  I don’t know why, I spend more time in the sun than ever (and always forget to wear sunscreen…oops).  My doctor said they’ve only just started testing for vit D deficiency so they are finding lots of people have it.  Damn slip, slop, slapping.

9 responses to “Blah blah blah

  1. Josh had a fit when he was 6 months old that they put down to a Vit D deficiency, He had to go for blood tests every 6 months up until 1 1/2 yrs ago. I used to give him Vit D every day with his brekky and I just put him in the sun alot. Did the doc say you can build up your stores? What did they recommend?

  2. I’m curious. Is this something you can fix? My Dad is Vitamin B deficient (happens with age to some people) and has to have an injection every 12 months.

    Every time I go to the dentist I think “I’m paying for your Porsche.” It doesn’t make me feel any better about it.

  3. We have all been scared off the sun…. too much….. so now we have deficiencies? Derrrr. I have never slip slopped or slapped!

  4. Heh…instead of the sun we have to take Vit D tablets.

  5. I have fair skin and have lived in Qld all my life. As a result I have had things burnt off, lasered off and cut off. None of it is pleasant. If you don’t slip and slop I might just come to your place and slap you. lol

  6. Feel better soon.
    Maybe some stones green giner wine for morning tea?

  7. When I went to the Cancer place to get my moles checked out, the Dr said that in the winter I shouldn’t wear sunscreen as it doesn’t let enough sun get through to add to my vitamin D stores.

    I put my hand up and admit that I hardly ever use sunscreen, even in the middle of summer (and I lived in Qld for 4 years and still didn’t use it very often!). 😳

  8. I have such fond memories of Stones Green Ginger wine- it was the only thing I could afford and the only thing my mother would buy- child abuse I tell you!

  9. Stones Green Ginger wine …. those were the days …. maybe I should try it again … I assume you can still get it.

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