1. I’ve got Green & Black’s drinking chocolate!  OMG, it’s heaven in liquid drinking form.
  2. I only went to the gym today instead of running outside cos it was supposed to hail… damn you BOM and your dodgy weather forecasts.
  3. I have organic plums and they are like the crack cocaine of the fruit world.  I also have miniature bananas.
  4. Waiting for news sucks.
  5. Our run at Apollo Bay is to Paradise Picnic Reserve and back.  That is inspiring a playlist with songs such as:
  • Run to Paradise
  • Paradise City
  • Paradise by the Dashboard Light
  • I’ve been to Paradise
  • Gangsta Paradise
  • Just Like Living in Paradise.

7 responses to “Also

  1. OMG green & black’s solid is heaven – how good would it be to drink it mmmmm
    The footy is such a trap – it’s almost the only time I drink beer, I don’t know why I like it at the MCG on a freezing day more than in other places.
    I don’t know whether to hang out my sheets today either, stupid BOM.
    Ok, I give in…. what news?

  2. ooh – inspiring???? not quite sure about those songs beiong inspiring? What about – lalala, we gotta get outta this place!!!!!!

  3. Drinking chocolate is divine – it is however one of those things I try and avoid because I know once I start it will become a daily habit and one where portion control could prove difficult.

  4. PLUMS! Oh yeah. Plums rule.

    That playlist is genius… now will be trying to think of paradise songs all day, hehehe…

  5. Damn, they make drinking chocolate as well, is it not bad enough they got me hooked on their dark choc with orange and spices?

    curse them 🙂

  6. Ohhh, where did you get that drinking chocolate from, it sounds devine. I am guessing it isn’t diet though… 🙂

  7. Green & Black drinking chocolate??!!! I’m gonna have to look out for that. Then I can drink chocolate, eat Kek’s stick date muffins and watch the scales go up even higher.

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