I’ve got to remember the weather is getting colder.  I wake up and it’s nice and warm at home so I put on shorts and teeshirt to go out for a run and freeze my butt off!  It’s icicles out there of a morning.  I did hill running yesterday – my physio said it’d be good for me.  I was hoping he wouldn’t say that!

I’ve been enjoying running so much more now that I don’t have to run a half marathon.  It’s good 😀

Reading the paper yesterday about the rising prices and I realised I lead a fairly economy-proof life.  I don’t have to pay for electricty etc cos it’s included in my rent and my rent is pretty cheap.  It makes putting up with crappy housemates bareable.  I don’t drive my car that often so don’t really care plus people shouldn’t be hooning around, wrecking the environment and playing their loud hoon music.  Ha, there was some dude in the Herald Sun yesterday complaining about how petrol prices are wrecking his social life cos he can’t drive around picking up chicks!  My heart bleeds.

As for interest rates – woohoo!  I had some money just sitting in my debit card account and I noticed on my bank’s website the other day they had term deposits at 7%.  I’d not thought about putting my cash into a term deposit because you don’t get enough $$$ but at 7% it’s totally worth it.  So I moved all money over into that.

Of course, this could all change overnight, esp since I’ve only got another 6 weeks on my contract at work, but at the moment things are going well.

4 responses to “Things

  1. Yes, it is nice to be relatively unaffected by those things isn’t it!

  2. I’ve been thinking I should be taking advantage of some of these interest rates, but the whole “open a new account” thing … I’m so lazy!

    I’m sorry to hear your wallet was stolen. What a scumbag, whoever it was who did it.

    LOL at you getting all committed at work. Breathe deep and say “I’m a contractor, I’m a contractor.” You’ll get over it. 🙂

  3. I completely envy you! Not that I drive around picking up in my car (it is a Mazda 3 afterall) but I recall when I had disposable income and I miss it like crazy- I want to buy stuff again like I used to- just for fun!

  4. You know you can move your money to ING access it any time and earn 8%

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