It’s a public holiday on Friday and I’m surprisingly unhappy about it.  All week we’ve been faffing around with software at work, all kinds of ridiculous stuff that you really don’t want to know about and mostly because people are insanely annoying.  The upshot is that it’s been a totally unproductive week so having a day off isn’t going to help.  So unlike me to be concerned about these things and to be so personally invested in my job.

After work today, I went to boxing class.  Excellent way to deal with work frustrations.  I paired up with a girl who was around the same level as me so that made for a good class.  Because it’s a circuit class, it’s an excellent workout too.

I walked most of the way home.  Well, had planned on walking a small part of the way but the anus-face tram driver didn’t stop for me, even though I hailed him and everything!  That meant I had to walk down the fancy end of Gertrude St in my gym clothes – blah!

Got home and put on some chicken patties to cook (no recipe cos I bought them premade at Preston Market) in my toaster oven.  Had my shower and felt all organised — well one of my freaken housemates had unplugged the toaster oven so the patties were still frozen.  It turned it back on, bitching and moaning about annoying housemates and waited another 20 mins.  Still frozen cos some dick had turned the guage back to zero!  I did check it cos I never unplug it and I never change the temp from the max.  Why do people have to touch my stuff?  I’d put it in my room but I’d be worried about mice etc from crumbs.  Anyway I think the easiest solution is to chop off my housemates’ hands with an axe.

The good part of the week is that I think my weight is finally going down.  When I was sick etc I put back on all the weight I lost this year!!!!  Oh noes!  It’s coming off easily though so I think it might have been mainly fluid retention.


6 responses to “stuff

  1. Gertrude St has a fancy end these days?

    Maybe your housemates are going all earth-hour on you. :p

  2. I think that is the solution for your housemates. Did the fritters turn out well in the ned?

  3. Oh – the joys of communal living! I remember them only too well. I bet you were starving too! It only ever happens when you are completely hungry and can’t get the food fast enough that everything goes wrong!!

  4. You so need a place of your own – is rent still cheaper than Sydney? It’s so crazy up here now.

  5. Just make sure it is a sharp axe, you don’t want to waste too much time hacking away.

  6. Sounds like your housemate gets great joy out of pissing you off.
    It would be fun to do something the same to him but that might just start a prank war that would invaribly get nasty.

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