I went for a run this morning, a fairly decent 5 km.  I’m finally starting to get on top of this calf tightness etc.  Having said that, I rang the GOR run people today – we’re prolly going to change and do the 14 km run instead of the half marathon.  It feels like wimping out but once I’d thought about it, it was like a huge weight off me.

I’ve actually been thinking for a while that I want to have a break from longer running events – not that I’ve been actually training for the half marathon, but I feel like I *should* then I feel bad because I’m not.  The bottom line is that I’ve not been enjoying it.  I dread the thought of going out for a long run (ie. 2 hours of running) so I procrastinate and make excuses.  What’s the point of that?

I want to enjoy running, not feel a heap of pressure.  God knows you get enough of that in life anyway.  I’ve got so many other things I want to do – boxing and weight training and all that stuff.  I think the plan will be to still do a longer run once a week (but maybe only for an hour or so) plus shorter runs, some interval stuff etc.  I still want to get faster and plan to do some shorter fun runs (up to 10 kms), just no half marathons and stuff like that.


Thanks for all the comments about the stolen wallet.  I’ve got the important things sorted, just a major heap of store loyalty cards to get replaced now.   It made me so mad reading some of your stories.  People can be such pigs.  It’s like some people are missing that bit of the brain that allows you to see things for someone else’s perspective.


5 responses to “Stuff

  1. When you do something and it’s like a huge weight being liftend then it’s usually the right thing – good on you. I reckon you could get really fast over 10km cos you’re so strong

  2. I think you made the right decision and it takes a certain amount of braveness to do that so good on you.

  3. (whispers) 14km is still a long way. I agree, definitely the right idea to change- no point paying all that cash and travelling all that way hating it. Good luck!

  4. I totally understand that feeling of pressure. I felt it last year and ended up really cutting back on my long runs (plus being injured meant lots of downtime).

    If you ask Michelle, she’ll tell you how much I complained every time we did a 1/2 marathon and I felt so crap afterwards because I ran a bad race, and every time I said that I wasn’t going to enter any more long runs.

    My mojo has returned this year and I was really focused on being ready for the GC Marathon until this foot injury thing.

    I’m sure the running mojo will come back, but if you don’t feel like running long runs, then don’t feel pressured to do it. Just enjoy what you are doing.

  5. yep-wise choice..much better to be running 40mins a few times a week than putting off long runs and not doing any! race the ones you enjoy- theres no need to do the ones that you dont 🙂

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