Dirty Rotten Anus-Face Scumbags…

I had my wallet stolen out of my bag tonight.  I’d just got $50 out of the ATM and was waiting to meet my sister to go to Japanese class.  Went into a shop and paid for stuff then went to get something to eat at Breadtop and the wallet was gone!

I guess it’s my own fault, I’d just sat it in my bag and god knows Russell St in the city is full of junkie scum.  Someone’s just grabbed it and walked off without me even noticing.  I feel icky about the whole thing.  I searched up and down the street, even looking in bins in case they’d taken the money and trashed it but nothing!

Just cancelled my cards and am going to make a list of everything else I had in it.  Like all my tax receipts!  Licence, medicare card, blah blah blah.

10 responses to “Dirty Rotten Anus-Face Scumbags…

  1. OMG – that is rotten luck, and wouldn’t you just like to have 5 minutes in a room with the thief and a baseball bat. What a pain having to replace all the cards etc.

  2. Ugh. I know the feeling. I had mine stolen many years ago from Spencer Street station.
    With my Brand New Learner’s permit in it that was all of three days old.

    Stupid bastard’s didn’t get any money. But I still remember that god awful swooping feeling in my stomach when I realised it was gone.

    My dad came home with the wallet a couple of days later. He worked for the post. After stealing my wallet and rifling through it, the thief had chucked it in the nearest post box.

  3. I *hate* thieves. Full stop. My bike was stolen last week. Grrr.

  4. I know it is boring and time consuming but you should report it- then your replacement license will be easier to get.The city is sh1t, and Russell St is extra sh1t. Everytime I go to the city after dark I feel like a victim waiting to happen.

  5. That’s terrible Kathryn 😦

  6. Argh how annoying!

    I had my wallet stolen from the Royal Melbourne Hospital last year while I was visiting my partner. I couldn’t believe someone would prey on sick people and their families.

    The worst thing was I loved my wallet. I got it on sale at DJs and it was red leather and was the *perfect* wallet. I’ll never find one like it again 😦

  7. That just sucks! So sorry you had that happen.

  8. There is always a fucken opportunist out there waiting to rip you off. Look at the wankers that broke into Blair’s crashed car and stole all his tools, didn’t they think it was shit enough to have crashed your car but to have no tools to work as well. Arses.

    Your description is the best yet.

  9. Now that’s just awful. There really is so much scum out there.

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