I got the bento sorted.  Made a batch of Tuna Tofu Miso Patties – omg, I don’t like tuna that much but feel I should *eat* it.  These were so good, I had to stop myself from picking at the mixture while I was cooking them.  I also made Tamogoyaki (the egg mix used in sushi etc) – yum, next time I’d prolly use less sugar and more other flavourings but still yum.  Also made a heap of onigari (rice balls) once I finally got the rice.  Lots of delicious lunches from that batch of cooking.

I’m thinking about doing the Mother’s Day Fun Run.  I wasn’t going to, but was thinking about volunteering for it.  It’s the week before the GOR half so not sure if I want to run.  But this week I was going through my running log — I’ve been trying to learn Crystal Reports so have been practicing on my running spreadsheet, now I have all kinds of fancy running reports (plus I got a week working from home to learn stuff – that doesn’t happen much when you’re contracting!).  Anyway I realised that I’ve never run a 4 km race.  I did some as walking events a few years ago, but never ran one.  My PB is 37 mins!  Now I want to do the 4km run to get a better time.


10 responses to “Stuff

  1. Ahh, just do it! You know you want to.

    Where’s the photos of the incredible Bento treats??

  2. I realised the same thing late last year (that I hadn’t done a 4km race) and have enjoyed the few I’ve done since. It is totally different, knowing you only have a short race and can push that bit harder.

    The tuna patties sound pretty yummy!

  3. Photos Photos Photos. This sounds like a wonderful idea!

  4. Decisions, decisions. I’m trying to decide which state to run in. It’s a 5/10 km run up in CBR this year, but I’m encouraging my nephews to do the 10 km Melbourne Run in June and the 8 km run in May would be a nice step up for them.

    The bento sounds delicious.

  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    My mum is doing the 4km and I’m doing the 8. V wise to do the 4, you are finished by the time the 10000000000000000 walkers arrive.

  6. I’ve never had miso, what’s it taste like??

    Thanks for the advice comment the other day, it really helped to hear someone else voice what I was thinking. That’s why I love getitng opinions on my blog, cause most ot the time I’m just looking for someone to back up what I was thinking in the first place!

    Have applied for the place anyhos and should find out tomorrow.

  7. How about posting the recipe for those Tuna cakes??

  8. 4kms are fun

  9. Weeeeeelll, where’s the recipe for the patties? Hmmmmm?



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