Went to the gym tonight to get my new program.  Only five exercises – easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.  Ha!  Started with lunges then lat pulldowns – nothing too hard.  Then we got to the kettlebell exercises.  OMG.  If you want an exercise that includes all the muscles in your body plus gets your heartrate up to a zillion bpm, then this is the one for you.  It’s like a squat-lift-swingy thing.

Even though I wanted to crawl home after that, I stuck around for the boxing class.  I had about 30 mins to kill so did some cardio then headed to boxing class.  That was heaps of fun too but lots of kicking.  It’s supposed to be boxing, not kickboxing!!!  My legs are going to be useless lumps of jelly mush tomorrow.

I’d forgotten until after I left the gym, I’d parked a million miles away.  Normally I never drive into the city but I’d taken my sister to her water therapy class (working from home again today + plus tomorrow) and then had half hour to get into the city baths.  Got to Nicholson St and the traffic stopped moving.  After five minutes or so, I pulled into a parking spot and walked the rest of the way, figuring it’d be much faster than driving + finding a park.

I was absolutely exhausted and starving hungry.  Saw a newish place on the corner of Victoria and Lygon.  I swear, my brain turns to mush at the gym cos I couldn’t remember the name of Lygon St to tell my sister!  Anyway it’s Italian and Japanese food – yum.  Plus it’s low-fat, low-salt with lots of vego and organic meat options.  Too good.  I got a bowl of miso ramen soup.  Prolly a bit too carby but awesome.  I couldn’t work out what was wrong with the miso to start with then realised it wasn’t incredibly salty like you get everywhere else.  Delicious though.

Not much else happening… oh except last night.  My neighbour started playing loud music again – she sits on the balcony with the stereo really loud every night.  I went outside to askher to turn it down.  She told me to f*** off then turned it up louder so I rang the police.  Next minute she come over, bashing on the door.  We’re amazed that she actually moved herself off her balcony.  She let fly a string of abuse at my sister, then I went out after I got off the phone, and she did the same to me.  Apparently I *shouldn’t* yell out to tell her to turn the music down — that’s disrepectful!  I should go over and knock on her door otherwise I’ll wake her baby!  WTF.

For starters, I shouldn’t even have to ask plus she lives in a building with a security entrance.  On top of all that, according to her, she has the baby in bedroom with all the doors shut while she’s out on the balcony playing her loud music (it was so loud we couldn’t hear the tv inside).  We think she does it so she can’t hear the baby crying – the poor little bugger cries for hours and hours sometimes.

Anyway, she stomped off home, muttering about how she’d turn it down but only because she couldn’t afford to get arrested again.

My housemate’s worried she’s going to do something to retaliate and that we shouldn’t do or say anything in future.  Bugger that.  I like leading a quiet life.  I hate confrontation and dramas and would rather not have to deal with these things.  But at the same time, I need my sleep – I’ve got to work and workout and all those things you can only do when rested.  I’m not letting some selfish, pyscho bitch ruin my life.

5 responses to “Arrrggghh…

  1. Ahhhhh, that brings back the memories. Good ol’ days of living in our last apartment. In a neighbourhood surrounded by student housing. Hammering and sawing in the front garden at 3am.
    Music group’s a cappella practice that didn’t START until 11pm, on a weeknight.
    Again on a week night/morning, a cappella boys up on their balcony, singing in response to girls using a karaoke machine to serenade them…from their own verandah across the street!

    and the list goes on.

    I don’t miss it one single bit.

    Hope that it’s sorted for ya! College kids never learned, and we had a fresh batch to try and train every couple of years.

  2. I’m so glad I don’t live in an apartment!

  3. Shes being a bully.stand up for your rights.also there are surely a lot of other people around who are glad you called teh BILL

  4. Again?? She couldn’t afford to get arrested….AGAIN?

    Bwahaha! Nice neighbours…..

  5. Ah the joys of lving in the city.

    Come live out in the burbs. The only noisy things out this way are the kookaburras 🙂

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