Home Work

I’m working from home today.  I have trouble with the ‘working’ bit of that but am trying to get more disciplined.

I’ve been going to the gym heaps since I joined but mostly doing cardio and weights.  I’m doing a boxing class tomorrow – yahs!  I’ve not done any boxing for ages and I really miss hitting stuff.

The other day at the gym I saw a girl using one of those rollers when doing planks, not the hard rollers you use to tenderise your ITB but the softer ones.  I always get sore arms/elbows when doing planks so I thought I’d try it.  OH MY GOD!!!  I had core DOMS the next day.  It’s really freaken intense.  I never stopped to think that if you’re doing an exercise that uses stability muscles and you’re balanced on something unstable then you’re working much harder — I just wanted something soft and cushiony.

I”m waiting to hear back from Simon with a decision about the GOR half, but I’m about 90% pointing towards doing it – with or without him.  I don’t NEED him anyways.  It’s not like we’d be running together cos he’s so speedy, so if he can’t do it then he can lounge around at the beach for the day (ha, like he’d NOT do it if I’m doing it).  I reckon I’ll struggle heaps but I’ve got 4 weeks to train and it’s not like I’m planning on being super speedy.  It’s a 4 hour cutoff and I could walk 23 kms in that time.


5 responses to “Home Work

  1. You can do it I’m sure!

  2. Go for it K – I’m sure you can do it too! I’d really love to do GOR one year too.

  3. You know that you’re more than welcome to come and run with Michelle and I. We’re not in any hurry, just out to enjoy a leisurely shuffle up and down a few hills 🙂

  4. My hubby works from home once a week but I’m not sure that you’d call much of it work.

    Of course you could do it. You could walk 23kms in 4 hours.

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