Sorted, kinda.

We did the Ikea thing yesterday.  I actually rang Andy after I posted cos I was bored and wanted to get shopping.  When he answered, I said:  “Are you awake?  Good, I’m coming to pick you up.”  Ha, ha, cos I’d woken him!

We got to Vic Gardens and Ikea wasn’t open yet!  Did you know they open the cafe at 9.30 (store opens at 10.00) and you can get $2 cooked breakfasts.  Oh yeah!  I got very excited about that.

We found a suitable chest of drawers, no fuss.  Plus a dirty clothes hamper ($3) and $1 timers – except mine doesn’t actually work, damn it.

It’s funny, having a grown up kid.  Sometimes I look at him and wonder who this person is!  I mean, he has this whole life that I know nothing about (prolly a good thing) but then things happen like we’re walking through Ikea and see a table of timers and both automatically start setting them off to ring in 10 minutes time!  LOLZ … I don’t think there are any grown ups in my family.

I had to laugh at Jadey’s comment about going to Ikea on the weekend cos as soon as I got there, I was like ‘now I remember why I don’t go to Ikea on the weekend!’  I’d forgotten they have late night shopping when all the kids are tucked up in bed — why do kids think they have to let out their high pitches squeals as soon as they get to Ikea?  It’s not even like they recognise low priced bargains in clever Swedish storage solutions.

After Ikea, we headed over to Route 66 in Prahran.  They were having a big clearance sale so we got BARGAINS!!!  Andy got a shirt and I got a shirt and cute fluffy cap thing (my sister reckons it makes me look like a ye olde shoe shine boy).  Definitely worth driving down Chapel St for.

Then I had to drive back to Preston to drop off the chest of drawers then back home so Andy and Anita could go to the footy.  Too much driving!  I caught the train in with them and went to the gym.

The gym assessment went well.  I get a program next week and have a 1 hour session to go through it.  I even had a body fat assessment done – never had that before.  I had to hold a machine in my hands and it gave the reading.  I have like 30-something% body fat — yikes!

I did a workout – 20 mins on the crosstrainer + weights.  I’d forgotten my ipod so the cardio was just torture!  Bor-ring!  Then I walked home – hadnt’ planned that but it was 16 mins wait for the tram and I’m too impatient.

This morning I went for a run.  Only managed 5 kms (had some toilet issues and the toilets in Edinburgh Gardens were disgusting and had no toilet paper so I decided to run home instead).  I’m seriously, seriously worried about GOR.


3 responses to “Sorted, kinda.

  1. I carry those kleenex clean and fresh tissues or whatever they are in my purse these days. So handy in an emergency and they have saved me more than once from a no paper situation.

    I’m glad you survived Ikea. Do they have a ball pit over there? I remember when they were in Moorabbin Mum and Dad took us there probably twice and I remember being left in a deep ball pit. Oh so fun.

  2. Setting the timers off – funny!! I like it.

  3. yep setting the timers off is a great idea //i like it too!

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