Congratulations to The Girls – superstar Trailwalker effort.  I can’t even begin to imagine running/walking 100 kms, let alone doing it in under 24 hours.

I’m off to the shops today.  I’ve got to take Andy shopping for furniture today.  That makes me incredibly happy.  Not only to I get to hang out with him at Ikea (I heart Ikea so much) but I get to buy him a chest of drawers – which has long term nagging benefits since he’ll have no reason to have shit all over his floor.

I’m footing the bill cos I’d been going to buy him a bed for Christmas then we didn’t get a chance to go shopping for it.  Now one of his friends is giving him a bed that belonged to someone who died (they didn’t die in the bed, Andy assures me).  So he’s getting a chest of drawers instead.

This weekend is all about getting organised.  I feel so much happier when I have everything planned and organised.

  • I’m going to the gym to get my initial assessment done today.  I’ll have a workout plan.  On top of that, I’m making a GOR half training countdown although I’m sure if I’m going to even be a starter.  Having all this time off due to injury and illness, my longest run has been R4tK (14 kms).  My foot still hurts when I run and I’ve got a corn between my toes (have book with the podiatrist for emergency corn removal).  Plus my running buddy, Simon, isn’t sure if he’s doing it now!  Instead of being out training with me and being all supportive and motivating, he’s been lolling around burst his eardrum and having operations and shit like that.  Not very considerate of my feelings at all.  We decided we’d make a definite decision on the run next week.
  • Am marinating a heap of chicken breasts atm and will cook them up and freeze them.  Plus have filled those microwave freezer bags with vegies, ready to go (am in love with a little pesto on steamed veges atm).  Will also cook up a heap of brown rice with vegies.
  • I’ve decided Sundays will be Writing Days.  I need to make a huge dent in the pile of writing projects that keep getting pushed aside.

Arrggghh… Andrew told me not to pick him up before 9.00 but it’s only 8.00 and I’m bored.  I like to get to the shops first thing in the morning cos they are nice and empty.

I think I’m getting into this bad cycle where I hate being around people, so I avoid them …. but then that makes me more reluctant to be in any situation where people are around.  I don’t mean people I know or good people – just crowds.  I’ve always felt a bit anxious in crowds and lately I’ve been going to work late so I don’t have to catch the sardine trains.  I wonder if I’m just making it worse by avoiding the situation, but people – they shit me.


9 responses to “Saturday

  1. lol- that last paragraph is just the sort of thing my grndpa used to say 🙂

  2. My aunty took my grandfathers bed after he died in it and it still freaks me out. People shit me too- that is why I ride to work, I don’t like people on the tram.

  3. Hrm – Dead people’s beds. I don’t seem to care if they died in it or not but it’s theirs. Eww creepy.

    Anyway – enjoy your shopping. I hate crowds too. Is there a reason you forget what Ikea is actually like on a weekend?

  4. I am assuming that your fellow bloggers are excluded from the “people who shit you” list 🙂

    Did you have the swedish meatballs ?

  5. I thought about doing the 14km event at GOR for about 5mins but with my pesky hip, I am just not sure it would be that wise with all those hills. I am going to do it one year though 🙂

    People annoy me too and I think It is just me getting older and crankier 😳

  6. I love Ikea too and you sound pretty chirpy girl. I hate crowds too. Now dead people – I’ve got all kinds of imagery going on with that bed now.

  7. Ikea is so much fun, a great big colourful playground, I love the little mini rooms.

    Thanks so much for your e-mail too, TW was just about the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, no peeled grapes but I did get takeaway fetched for my dinner 🙂

  8. I love Ikea too.

    And the good thing in Oz is that they’re so much less packed than the ones in the UK. You should see how many people get to those ones. Their car park alone can probably fit 5000 cars in it!!

    Dead peoples beds 😯

  9. I’m like you, I hate crowds and heaps of people walking along the pavement drive me nuts too… I just want to hit them to make them move outta me way! Not nice I know.

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