I’ve got to do the most boring thing ever and so I thought I’d bore you with it too 😀

Oh yeah, I’ve got consolidate my super.  Blerk.  Every time I start with a new agency, I don’t have a preferred super fund so I use their default one.  I have dribs and drabs of money all over the place – and I’m paying admin fees etc on each fund.

I don’t even know where to start.  I guess keeping a pile of those boring super statements that always come in the mail instead of tossing them in the bin might help.

Has anyone ever consolidated their super?  How do you pick one?  How do you find all your money?


8 responses to “Boring!

  1. Agreed on the boringness of that! But you can make it easier using this:

    I did it several years ago and it’s amazing how much you find from jobs you forgot you even had.

  2. Yep – I did the same as Mel. Lots of forms but once it’s done, it’s done. I chose a super that all my colleagues were a part of for Media/Entertainment – Just Super. I’m actually considering ING now. Best thing to do – ask around, see what everyone else is using and see who’s lost money. It all depends on what level of risk you choose too. I’m so not a money expert!!

  3. Me, I’ve done it for me & hubby.

    For me, I chose the one that was best performing.

    For hubby, I chose the one that he had the most funds in. It’s nasty but I resented even having to do it for him, I can’t see why he can’t do that shit for himself….

    I only had 2 funds, so very easy to consolidate.

    Hubby had 6…. I went through his old super statements, photocopied the latest one of each. Sat down with a heap of rollover forms printed in and wrote them all out in front of the TV one night, posted them off with the latest statement, and finished. Only one of them sent it back as they required THEIR form for the rollover, not the one from the fund it was going into.

    I also searched through that ATO website for lost super before I started.

    It’s time consuming, but well worth it.

  4. i’ve been trying to consolidate my gazillion super accounts since i finished temping work back in ’97. i finally sent in what’s hopefully my last 2 into my chosen superfund (Catholic Super and Retirement Fund, which I’m told is great). But I’m totally going through that superseeker to see if I’ve missed anything.
    You’ll feel so much better when you’re done with this shite.

  5. I’m with Hesta b/c they have good returns and are industry = lower fees.
    I have $70 from my last job in another fund – MUST roll it over!

  6. I have my current work one but after a small payout from a 10 year stint at a previous job, I put it into a CBA Retirement Fund which is great and very low risk.

  7. Oh God I have to do this too. The hardest part of finding your money is actually rememerbing all the places you have worked. (OMG)

    I am looking at consolidating to a) an industry fund b) ING cause I’ve been pretty happy with them c) mac bank cause they are mac bank and d) Virgin – causew I like richard branson.

    Can you see I’m so well informed. LMAO

  8. Having worked for the one and only company for the last 28 years this is not a problem for me, but I was going to point out the web site, but I see someone has already done it.

    A worthwhile exercise, you money vapourises pretty quickly with the admin fees when it is in lots of small amounts.

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