The bed man finally turned up – two and a half hours late!  I had a few words to say to him.  He made excuses then said he forgot to take my mobile number with him!  Grrrr!  But he offered to put my bed together for me so that made me happy.

After work, I went to the City Baths and finally joined up.  I’ve been wanting to do it for ages but work just kept extending my contract two weeks at a time so I didn’t want to make any financial commitments.  Now I’ve got something longer term.

Ha, I brought myself a new gym bag last week cos my old backpack had dodgy zips.  When I joined up at the gym today, I got another new backpack.  I’ve got bags galore now.

I did about 30 mins cardio at the gym tonight and afterwards felt totally rooted.  Started feeling bad about how unfit I am, but that was 30 mins of hard work, so not so bad.


5 responses to “Bed-a-licious

  1. Oh dear. Think how fit you are now compared to a year ago. That always works for me. 🙂

  2. Glad you got your bed and gym sorted.

  3. You are so hard on yourself.
    What Andrew said
    Photo of bed please!!

  4. Yay so you have somewhere to sleep tonight. Brilliant.

  5. dont feel bad about it…feel good that you are out there exercising 🙂

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