Stuff and Rants…

I went to the physio tonight to get him to have a look at my foot and calves.  I lay on the table while he poked and prodded my foot.  Nothing he did hurt but I didn’t want to say that cos it was nice and foot massagey.  He said there is no real damage, just some tissue soreness.  I’m not so worried about the pain when I run, so long as I’m not causing more problems so that’s good news.  He’s taped my foot and shown me how to do it in future, so I think I’ll attempt to run home from work tomorrow.

I cooked tonight – I’ve not cooked for ages.  Too many meals out is not good for me.  I made a stirfry for tonight plus a pot of brown rice with beans for tomorrow and some banana protein pancakes for snacks tomorrow (oh, and for dessert – yummo).

Remember I said about getting my new bed – well I dunno if I mentioned this but when I got it, I tried to put it together and the screw hole in the bed head is dodgy. I rang Forty Winks and they said they’d get the manufacturer to contact me.  That was over a week ago.  I rang again yesterday and they said they could do no more and I just had to wait for the manufacturer to call???  WTF!  I asked for the manufacturer’s number so I could call them myself but they wouldn’t give me the number.  Anyway they finally called today and the guy is coming around tomorrow.  I must get organised cos I’ve got the bedhead propped up at the head of the bed (if I don’t fully have a new bed, I at least want the illusion of one).  Fingers crossed it’s all stress-free tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and to make me more cross about it all, my housemate told me there was a bed around the corner in hard rubbish and I should go have a look – ie. that I should throw out my brand new bed and get one out of someone’s trash?  Yeah right. I’ve got nothing against hard rubbish but seriously… He reckoned the shop would do nothing to replace my bed since they had my cash.  That’s the kind of guy he is.  Not me.  I fully am prepared to go to Consumer Affairs, or even further if I don’t get what I want.  I know my Trades Practices Act.

Plus I’m really getting pissed off because he keeps talking to me of a morning.  I’m dressed in my corporate suit-y thing and running out the door to catch the train and he’s like ‘wait a minute…blah, blah, blah…’  Now I just say ‘hi’ and keep going so the other morning he followed me up the street, talking at me!  Arrggghh!

Finally, I’ve been eyeing this off – not sure if it’s available in Australia, plus it’d need be in another colour.  Me in orange would look like a safety barrier!

Okay – rant alert.  There was a story in the Herald Sun yesterday about the unfair distribution of housework between the sexes.  They highlighted one woman who’s a stay-at-home mum and does up to 8 hours of housework a day.  Yeah, cry me a freaken river.  Having to work 8 hours a day.

I know if I was living with some dude and I was the sole breadwinner, I’d not do a lick of housework.  I’d expect a hot dinner on the table and foot massages.  If we both worked, I’d expect to share the housework.  Fair’s fair.  If your job is being a housewife, then treat it as such.

Plus who does 8 hours of housework anyway?  I’d say that’s just poor time management skills.


5 responses to “Stuff and Rants…

  1. Hahaha…too true – housework does not take 8 hours. 😉

  2. True no one does 8 hours of housework a day EVERY day…. but I have to defend ‘housewives’…. if you have babies or young children at home AS WELL as having to do the housework… your day starts at around 6am and does not FINISH till the last kid is in bed, and even then it’s probably not over for the day… dishes to do, toys to pick up, bla bla bla…. you must know this you have a son! My husband goes to work at 8am, he gets at least an hour and a half ‘off’ for lunch and morning/afternoon tea, he comes home and yes, I have his dinner ready… then he usually sits on his arse in front of the TV till he goes to bed! Where is the equality in that? Come on girl… it isn’t always even… and I would sometimes LOVE to switch roles…. and lets touch money…. housewives don’t actually GET PAID to do all that they do! We make a choice to stay home and raise our children, fair enough, but on the flip side, our husband’s / partners made the choice to be the ‘breadwinner’ too…. if they didn’t want that role they shouldn’t have wives/partners/children eh? Being a housewife is not a JOB, it’s a choice…. so there ya go, my rant too. This is an age old ‘subject’…. I’m just amazed you are not a guy, cos this is the sort of stuff one would expect to hear from a guy.

  3. Kirsty Daniel

    No… housework doesn’t take 8 hours a day.. but All saints is on the the arvo.. that is an hour.. phone calls to girl friends… shopping.. soon fill in the day 🙂
    When I had three babies, I think it would be easier to work.. but Jack wasn’t going to be in that!
    Good luckwith the bed head!

  4. Mary bought a few things from Lululemon recently. Don’t see why you couldn’t

  5. It takes 8 hours if you bought a McMansion in a stupid outer suburb that has six bathrooms, a theatre room, 4 living areas and the kids all have double bedrooms and no manners.

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