More Ranting…

I’m waiting for the bed man to turn up.  The bed man who SAID he’d be here at 8.00 am.  It’s now 9.19 am.  The office said he’d be about another 45 mins.  That’s 2 hours late!  WTF!

Nothing gets me more irate than people who don’t respect my time – tradesmen, doctors and the like.
Sure, things happen.  Life doesn’t always go to plan.  But there seem to be some occupations where lying is habitual and time management is just a joke.

I reckon it should be compulsory for people to reimburse your earnings if they keep you waiting around due to their own incompetence.  It’s cost me over $100 because this dude is running late – I can’t afford that!  And why should I have to?

On top of that, I didn’t even get the courtesy of a phone call.  I had to ring the office – several times.  They had a recording saying office hours don’t start until 8.30 playing until after 9.00!

A few years ago, when I owned real estate, I needed to get a new toilet installed.  The plumber didn’t turn up at all, not once but twice.  Because he had plumbing emergencies elsewhere.  Again, no phone call.  If he did that now, I’d rip him a new one (as I will with the bedding guy when he turns up).

I used to go to a doctor who ALWAYS ran an hour late with appointments – at least.  I’d leave work early to make my appointment and wait and wait.  Then you’d get into your appointment and he’d spend half hour talking crap at you (unrelated to your medical condition, eg. the price of his Telstra shares).  I told him that he should do a time management course and he laughed at me!

I mean, I can kinda understand it with GPs.  You spend all that time at med school then realise that you do nothing but write sick certificates and referrals to specialists all day.  That must be depressing.  Still it’s no reason to take your resentment out on your patients.

Ha, I’ve just realised I’ve been going on about time management for the last 2 posts.  I’m big on time management and I think I do it well.  It’s not always seen as positive.  Have you ever worked somewhere that people who dick around all day and put in 10+ hours of mostly unproductive time yet are seen as shining examples?  That’s as frustrating as hell.  I’m a gun multi-tasker and would rather work hard in work hours then get the hell out of there.  Prolly not the most profitable way to work as a contractor but I hate wasting time.

At least there’s one positive thing, I sorted and folded all my clothes on my shelves.  I’ve started folding my tee-shirts shop style so I can find the right black teeshirt without pulling every single one out of the cupboard.  I also found a shirt at the back of the wardrobe.  I’d worn it cleaning and got a bleach stain on the front so never wear it but it’s just perfect with my grey pinafore (and the stain is truly covered).

So, so very annoyed.  I might go do my laundry!

4 responses to “More Ranting…

  1. Oh Kathryn I so feel your rant. I absolutely hate people that are late for no good reason.

    I’m one of these people that is always at least 10 minutes early “just in case” something happens on the way to where I’m going. It stresses me out so much if I’m even one minute late.

    Doctors, now don’t get me started on them…I can’t remember the last time I actually walked into my appointment on time. And I normally make my appointment the first for the day as well!!

    Hope your bed man arrives soon!

  2. Heh…I’d rather be 30 mins early than 2 mins late…

  3. Getting annoyed motivates you to do housework. Hrm interesting.

  4. yep it drives me NUTS… i once waited for 2 whole days..separate days…and i can tell you there had been a million phone calls from my end…i share your grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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