I didn’t end up resting today – I went to get a coffee and impulsively popped into the hairdressers.  I now have a new cut and some lowlights in my hair.  I’d never heard of lowlights before but apparently that’s what it’s called when you get subtle highlights (I tend not to go subtle).

The colour took forever so by the time she cut it, I just didn’t care any more.  Then I hated it.  It looks like I’m about to go work in the school tuckshop.  But then I always hate my hair when it’s first cut so I’ll see how I feel in a day or two.

Forgot to mention, when I went to Myer I got my face done by one of the makeup girls.  I didn’t like it so I didn’t buy any of their makeup.  One thing I did like though was that she used a lip stain – I never wear lippie any more because it’s too heavy and can never be bothered with gloss.  I’d never even heard of lip stains but they seem like a good option.


5 responses to “Rest-less

  1. I had my hair cut yesterday- and I have to go back and get it fixed today! It is crap when you pay so much and then you don’t like it.

  2. Lowlights? That puts me off already. Meh to subtle! I always hate my hair when it’s been cut too, but I get mine done at the el-cheapo walk-in places so I can’t really complain

  3. I always hate my haircuts until after I’ve washed it once.

  4. This seems to be a common thread because I hate my haircuts too. I reckon it takes 2 weeks to get used to a haircut and that’s only because it’s 1/2 grown out by then.
    That lip stain thing sounds good I’ll have to check it out because I’m allergic to most lipsticks and glosses.

  5. i generally get the same cut every time… so im usually un-fussed…. is lip staining like dying the lips????

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