Day Off

I got to work this morning and only had a few things to tidy up.  Since I had nothing to do for the rest of the day, I kindly volunteered to go home and save them $$$ in my salary.  I just care too much!

I went to Myer to pick up my Nick Cave tix from their ticketmaster office then had a look around.  I never shop at Myer and kind of forget it’s there.  They never have much that’s exciting.  They did have Trinny and Susannah Magic Knickers but only one pair left @ $125 – OMG, they’d want to be magic alright.

I got my new bed on Monday and the bloody screw hole on the bedhead is busted.  I rang the store and they said that they’d contact the manufacturer to replace.  I still haven’t heard from them, I’ve got the bedhead and foot sitting up anyway (the foot is propped up by a trunk).  I really need to get it replaced cos I’ve book the council to come get our hard rubbish including my old bed.

I think I’ll spend the rest of the day having rest time – my cold came back this morning and I’m feeling blah plus I had pizza for dinner last night and my gut has felt 15 kinds of wrong since.


6 responses to “Day Off

  1. Myer has definitely gone downhill over the last few years.

  2. I posted a photo on my blog – check it out. $125!! they’ve lost the plot.

  3. I bought some of these, although not the official ones, for $65 from England for my wedding. They were bloody great but the most unattractive things in history.

  4. For $125 they’d wanna make you like like Charlize freakin’ Theron!!!

    Thanks for the reminder, I guess I’ll just pick mine up from the venue, are you going to the 2pm show?

  5. Ok, I just googled them, I love how the use size 4 Glamazons to model them, yeah, that’s gonna make me buy them!

  6. I’d be expecting the knickers to all sorts of amazing things for $125. Sheesh.

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