Lazy Week

I’ve not done a lick of exercise this week since the Run for the Kids.  Was planning a run tonight but when they forecasted gale force winds and hail storms, I rethought that idea.  I got my R4tK official time 1.37.05 – exactly the same as my watch time even though I didn’t set my watch until I’d crossed the start line (I always forget).  Got to be happy with that.

Last night I had drinks with Briony and Linda – great to catch with them again, and both looking fantastic!

Got a big weekend coming up – V festival on Saturday then Nick Cave in conversation on Sunday.  Monday I start Japan lessons.


8 responses to “Lazy Week

  1. Can’t say I blame you not running tonight – I made exactly the same decision.

  2. well im not allowed to exercise at all til the weekend!!!! altho cant say i woulda got out in the weather today anyhoo!!! 🙂

  3. Gale force wind and hail…. good decision not to venture out me thinks. Hope you have a neat weekend.

  4. Sometimes a rest is a good thing. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  5. It’s called a ‘recovery week’ 😛
    I nearly got blown off my bike yesterday – on the trainer on the back verandah!

  6. My daughter went to V festival last weekend and wasn’t all that impressed. She said it was like a Big Day Out done on the cheap. She said that if you didn’t like the band on the main stage too bad there wasn’t much else to see, not like BDO where there are heaps of other stuff to see. I think that because she paid about the same amount of money she should have god the same value.

    Anyway I hope you enjoy it and don’t get blown away (and not just by the noise).

  7. I am so jealous you’re doing the Nick Cave thing and whoot for Jap lessons!

  8. Oh yeah and how cool you met up with both Linda and Briony – it would have been a scream! You guys all have HUGE and GORGEOUS personalities 🙂

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