Golden Rules

Hmmm, funny stuff – after mentioning a particular airline in my post yesterday, I got two comments from ppl who’d never commented on my blog before saying how good that airline is. Even stranger – both from the same IP address. Do people actually get paid to talk up companies on people’s blogs? I reckon I could work reading and commenting on blogs all day… yeah not much different to what I do now!


Since I’ve been trying to make a chart with star sticker, I’ve been struggling a bit over what consistutes healthy eating so I thought I’d post up my golden rules of weight loss to remind myself. These are the things that work for me:

  1. Drink water. Lots of water. Everyone says it so it must be true — and it really does help. Normally I’m good esp when I’m at work but not so good at home. Must take green tea etc to work as well.
  2. Eat breakfast. If I eat late at night then I’m not hungry when I wake up but eating breakfast is important, eating at night is NOT (esp easter eggs… esp Andy’s easter eggs he left here…)
  3. Keep a food diary. I always think I’m okay not doing this but the reality is when I don’t, I put on weight. When I do, I lose weight. I don’t think you need to be a rocket scientist to work that one out. You don’t even need to be a paper airplane scientist.
  4. Don’t eat sugar. Sugar = sugar cravings.
  5. Don’t eat when not hungry. Don’t eat food I don’t want.
  6. Get enough sleep.
  7. Exercise. And don’t overeat because “I’m working it off”.

That’s about it. Oh, have I mentioned protein? I’m getting all forgetful in my old age, not remembering if I’ve posted stuff. People used to always say to eat protein because it fills you up and I was like *scoff* as if being filled up would stop me eating! But lately I’ve been adding protein powder to stuff and it really works. Like I’ll have half a serve of protein powder with a small serve of brekkie then be so full I skip my first morning coffee (the one I get to drink on the tram). I can look at food and really not feel like eating it! Miracle.

Of course, my diet was very deficient in protein before – I was lucky to get 30 grams a day – so don’t think this will work miracles for you if you’re hoeing into a massive steak for dinner every night. Like all supplements, they only work if you’re actually supplement something.

10 responses to “Golden Rules

  1. All fantastic ‘Golden Rules’….. very sound advice. Except for me No 1 would be impossible! I HATE WATER, I literally gag on it! Shame that, thank God there is Diet Coke or I would wither and die.

  2. trying to imagine myself all withered…. ha ha ha!

  3. i wrote a post once comparing google maps with and i was inundated with comments, all pro-whereis and blah blah blah.
    it’s still the most popular post i’ve ever written, and i’m convined it’s because of whereis staff trawling the internet to defend their product.

  4. Great list of Golden rules. I’m all for the protein thing as well. At first i was like you and thought yeah yeah whatever like that will actually work. But by some miracle it does YAY

  5. I posted about netting a fruit tree one day and got a comment from a company selling bird scaring devices.

  6. I used to hate water too and downed copious amounts of Sprite Zero. Once I switched to water I found that I lost a lot more weight. Maybe it’s just coincidence but still…

    Publish the IP address!

  7. sounds like a plan!

  8. Great golden rules. Why is the water thing so easy to forget?
    Yay to protein powder. I have it in yoghurt for brekkie, it’s such a great way to begin the day.

  9. The spam comments are so lame, I always delete them, how stupid do they think we are?

  10. Shite!!

    Just typed a big cool and funny comment and the bloody thing ate it.

    Love your rules- that about covers it without the sass and humour.

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