Tuesday Stuff

Firstly, a question – is this just me or what?  I finished my uni degree around 10 years ago yet whenever I get my HECS statement, the debt never seems to change.  I’m paying a major slab of my weekly wage off my substandard tertiary education so you think it’d be paid off by now.  I don’t even know when HECS statements come out but I’ll be checking mine very carefully this year.

I’m resting my foot today but going to try running tomorrow.  I figure if I start running and it hurts, I’ll stop.  You can’t get more scientific than that.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but I have a new goal in life.  I’m going to Japan.  Oh yeah.  It’s going to be so awesome.  I’ve wanted to go to Japan all my life.  My primary school had two Japanese dolls in tradional costume in the foyer and I used to spend hours looking at them and dreaming (okay, they were outside the principle’s office and I had to sit there because I was in trouble… but you get the idea).

I never thought I could ever afford to travel to Japan but, about a month or so ago, I got talking to a guy who said it’s quite cheap now.  After checking out the airfares on Jetstar and some of the backpacker places, I really think it’s doable.  Japanese recession – I love you!

My next step is to learn Japanese.  I’ve picked up quite a bit watching Japanese teen dramas but I’m not sure how much of that I’ll use in everyday conversation.

As for weight loss goals, I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.  When I first started losing weight, I had a set figure in mind.  A definite end point.  I think one of the things that hinders my motivation at the moment is that I no longer have that.

What I’ve been thinking is that instead of seeing that as a negative or trying to create some artificial deadline, I need to look at the long term.  It’s easy enough to say that you are changing your lifestyle, not going on a diet but then get caught up in a cycle you can’t maintain.

The reality is that there is no endpoint.


10 responses to “Tuesday Stuff

  1. Your in LUCK, Jetstar have just released a sale, SPECIFIC for Japan, go to Jetstar.com! , i might even go now, so cheap, its silly

  2. Hey mate, nice report, japan is a really nice “Futuristic” place to go, anyway i just booked some plane tickets to japan, through Jetstar. It only cost me $299 each way, and the way back was $275, cause taxes are cheaper on the way back, i just cant believe the cheap fares, go to the Jetstar website is my advice

  3. Japan, for a holiday? Or long term? Exciting either way! Goal weight…. just a number, sometimes you can get there, sometimes you can’t… just work on being healthy I say!

  4. Ohh Japan sounds awesome, i may have to go and have a look at what it has to offer

  5. Konban wa!

    I can give you a few basic phrases to get you by. In Tokyo, most people speak English but it’s still fun to rock out a few phrases here and there.

    I’m so excited for you! I wish I could go back there, I loved it so much!!

  6. I am constantly trying to avoid going to Japan – but that is business. I manage a few staff in Japan, and from a business point of view all I can say is that everything there is very expensive – hope it is different for holidaymakers!

  7. The HECS thing? There’s no interest, but the debt is INDEXED… which surely amounts to the same thing? Stoopid me chucked in my degree back in the day when they were FREE. D’oh!

    You can always set yourself some other goals, not weight-related. You already do that with your run times and distances, now you have Japan as a goal….see? It’s easy, you’re doing it already.

  8. My friends have borrowed my Japanese tapes – they are going in May, so I’ll have the tapes back soon and then you can use them 🙂 I have 1000000 photos and out-of-date guidebooks etc from when I used to live ther, happy to share 🙂

  9. enjoy japan… and more importanly- hope the foot is ok

  10. I have the big student loan that never seems to go down as well…rather annoying.

    Go to Japan! It’s great to achieve your dreams.

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