Me + booze + high heels = OUCH!

I twisted my foot on Thursday night.  It’s not too bad – I can still walk, slowly, but definitely can’t run.  I reckon it’ll be right in a day or so though.  Stuffed up my plans for long run yesterday though.

I’m never sure with these things what I should be doing – strapping, bandaging etc or just leaving it.  I figure resting is good.   I never ever wear heels but went for drinks after work, as feeling pretty tipsy and popped into Target.  They had the shoes on a clearance rack for $4.  I also got a snappy hat and a fake fur scarf thing for 89 cents each!  Damn shoes though.

The worst part is that I was going great guns with my food, exercise etc this week and then went out Thursday, had a huge Japanese dinner plus lots of drinks figuring it’d work it off Friday.  Arrgghhh, let this be a lesson – don’t count those calorie-burning chickens too soon.

7 responses to “Disaster!

  1. Oh no!
    get well soon darl

  2. Just remember RICE, R=Rest, I=Ice, C=Compression, E=Elevation

    Hope it gets better soon!

  3. as andrew said… definitely definitely strap it!

  4. Oops. That’s no good Kathryn. Hope it’s better quickly. Take care of yourself.

    I heard a rumour that dark chocolate is good for sprained ankles.

    Oh, I didn’t hear it, I started it!

  5. I agree with Andrew- stay off that ankle and ice it- 15 mins every two hours. And double dose of chocolate.

  6. Yeah, what Andrew said.

    I am no good in heels, that’s why I took mine off to dance on Saturday night.

  7. Yikes! I hope you’re foot’s better. I should really read on to find out…

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