More Stupid Stuff I Did…

I left work today, ready to go to the training run.  Well I thought I was ready.  I got half way across town and realised I’d left my running shoes in my desk drawer.  I’d been fulled by my backpack being all full and heavy with the loot I’d bought at the Peter Alexander outlet at DFO at lunch time — a pair of kitten heeled, feather trimmed mule slippers (now I just need a negligee and a bottle of gin) plus a cute singlet.

I turned back to get the shoes then realised my swipe card prolly wouldn’t work cos the building gets locked up after 5.30, I think.

Luckily, I remembered they have the Nike shoes to trial at the run so I nipped into Adidas and got some socks (man, enough of the product placement already).

Tonight I joined the speed training group.  Not sure about the “speed”; I like to call it interval training – much less intimidating.  It ended up being really fun (not that I thought that during the run).  We did 300 metres then 500 metres then 800 m, 800m, 500m, 300m.

I felt pretty awesome afterward but boy, some of those guys can run pretty fast.  I was around lastish.  In the first few intervals, there was a girl just ahead of me so I kept trying to beat her, and managed a few times too.  I really felt like I was working hard and that’s the main thing.

I had no problem with the loaner shoes while I was running, but once I stopped I realised my toes really hurt on my left foot.  Doesn’t help that my work shoes are on the tight side either.  I walked part of the way back then did a slow jog.

Okay, I get back and realise I can’t put my work shoes back on!  My feet have swollen too much.   Oh noes!

Simon and I went for a coffee and realised I had my PA shoes in my bag. Oh yah!   Can you picture this – me in tee-shirt, tights, shorts and kitten heel, feather trimmed mule slippers… I looked a rare sight and, if my stupid phone cable decides to work, I’ll show you.

Okay, it’s working.


You don’t really get the full feather and sequin effect of the shoes, but it gives you a general idea.  Shit, my hair looks awful.  No more ponytails for me!

Yahs though, I’d forgotten until this morning, tomorrow is the last work day this week.  We’re having an easter egg exchange at work???? What the hell is that?  It puts an awful lot of pressure on people to buy the appropriate kind of egg.  I think I’ll just abstain.  God knows I’ve got enough chocolate avoidance to do this weekend.


5 responses to “More Stupid Stuff I Did…

  1. yep…speed work is GREAT..i love it- but only AFTER i too busy B-ing and M-ing during it

  2. Oh Kathryn you just crack me up 😀

    I would never have had the bottle to wear the shoes, especially in the middle of town.

  3. You could be creating a new fashion trend !

  4. 😆 Beaudiful look 😆

    Is speed work the same as intervals? I always get muddled up but I would also prefer to say intervals over speed cause I ain’t that fast 😳

  5. Hehe – that is so funny! What a look and you are game enough to upload the shots – awesome.

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