I got up and went to the running group this morning.  Arrrgghh, getting up at 5.30 am is for the birds.  Well not even, I think the birds were still sound asleep then.  It was especially hard since I couldn’t sleep last night in the heat.  By the time I got home from work, I was so stuffed that I ended up skipping go go class 😦

Not sure about the running group – lots of running to a certain point then waiting around and chatting.  It took over an hour and we only covered 6.5 kms, so I felt unsatisified at the end.  I think if I joined the gym, I’d rather run from home then go in and do a weights session or something and shower before work.  That’d be much more time efficient.

I’ve just been wondering about that – normally I leave my work shoes at work but, if I shower at the gym, I’ve got to put my stinky runners back on after my shower!  I guess if I pack some clean socks that won’t be so bad (and easier than running with shoes in the backpack).

Big yahs – got tickets to see Nick Cave in Conversation at the Arts Centre.  I wanted to go but the sessions sold out in 15 minutes so thought I’d missed out, then read in the paper today another session had been added so I went online and scored some tix.  It’s on the day after V Festival so it’ll be a big weekend.   I’ve actually got some big weekends coming up – first Easter then the Run for the Kids weekend then V Festival weekend.  When’s a person meant to sleep?


I wanted some fruit yesterday and couldn’t find anywhere that sold anything decent.  I’d planned to have a total bitch about it then I realised I could actually move my butt the whole block down to Vic Market and get some there.  So that’s what I did at lunch time today.  Woohoo – a 500 gram punnet of strawberries for $2.  You can’t beat that!


You know what really bugs me?  Have you ever used the Westpac ATMs?  They have that chick who gesticulates at you while you do the banking.  I want to punch her in the head.  I can use a damn ATM without her freaken gesticulation!

7 responses to “Stuff

  1. 5.30am is not for me, but I guess that’ll be changing soon enough when I’ll be forced to get up that early. I think I’d rather run by myself, group exercise situations tend to put me off a little.

    Ooh, I hate the Westpac chick and those stupid poses!! Making the ATM experience more personal my arse, no-one poses like that in real life and she just looks like a frickin’ eediot.

    So excited that you got tix to see Nick Cave in conversation. There was a rather funny interview with him in the Guardian recently,,2258743,00.html

    You’re going to the V Fest? I wish I was, I had fun at last year’s one up here. I’ve got side-show tix though, so I’m not completely missing out.

  2. Oh I REALLY hate that Westpc chick too. Especially the stupid smile … like she can really mean it!

    And as for 5.30am …. it’s so bloody dark in the mornings now. Almost impossible to exercise then.

  3. You’ve just reminded me to try and get Weddings Parties Anything tickets, I hope there are some left…
    Apart from all that getting up horridness I like 5.30am cos it’s quiet and I usually get to see the sun come up. I couldn’t do group exercise in the a.m. – I do sleepy/monosyllabic, not perky

  4. ive never any noticed the lady…lol…not very

  5. I hate the Westpac lady too- but I always feel like they are trying to get away with making it like an over the counter transaction whilst not having to do anything. At least she doesnt try to sell me stuff while I am taking my money out. 5.30 is a sleep in.

  6. Nick Cave in Conversation!? Bitch!!

  7. I was meant to end my last comment with a smiley 🙂

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